Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dirty 30

After a 2 month blogcation.....I'm back. I've still been reading blogs, just didn't feel that I had anything to write about. I think I'm ready to get back into the swing of things now!

Well, it happened. I turned 30 on July 13. I was really dreading it. Ending my 20's was more traumatic than I had thought it would be. But, as the day became closer and closer, I started wanting it to just get here already so that I could get it over with.

I was excited that the hubs had setup my parents to babysit, and we were going to dinner and the movies. I really felt old when he told me that we were taking the kids over to my parents at 2pm so that we were back by bedtime. He told me about this a few weeks ahead of time, so I was excited. He told me the night before while he was on a 24 hour shift, to go shopping for a new outfit. I took him up on the offer of course.

On the day of my birthday, I packed all the kids things that they would need for the day. As well as snacks, drinks, all the things Drew would need, and all the "just in case" items. 2:00 came and we packed up the kids and headed to my parents house.

As we pulled into my parents neighborhood, I started noticing a lot of my neighbors cars. Turns out my hubs had been planning a surprise party for 4 months! My exact words when I saw the cars......"so we're not leaving the kids?" Probably not the response he was looking for!

It was a nice day spent with our closest friends and family. We played corn hole, and beer frisbee. If you don't know what beer frisbee is....google it! You'll be glad you did. I forgot all about the fact that I was now 30, and as the day went on it didn't seem important anymore.

After I got home that night, I was opening all the generous gifts that my friends and family had brought me, and I started feeling so lucky. Who cares if I'm 30.....I'm guessing my 30's will be the best years to come! I had four goals I wanted to achieve before I turned 30.

1. Graduate from college (Which I did, in 2006) it took me 5 years for a bachelors degree....don't hate, lol
2. Get married ( 2008)
3. Own a home(2008)
4. Be done having kids ( finished that up in March 2012)

So I have achieved everything I wanted to before I was 30. Now I'll have to work on a new set of goals for 40. Yikes!

The party my hubs planned for meant a lot. I was touched that he had actually put thought and time into it. He's always a lot better at sweet gestures than I am. Lucky girl, I know. So far, 30 isn't bad. I feel older and wiser....riiiiight. I'm now part of the "Dirty 30"club. Holla! BTW I'm going back to blonde tomorrow. EEEK. What better way to adjust to being 30, than to change your hair color, right? I'm so ready!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kristen!!! My 30s have been the best yet so far! I have never had a surprise party! How fun!

  2. I dreaded turning 30 but your 30's really are sooo much better than your 20's! SO sweet of your hubby to plan that party for you... that's awesome! Now you just need to plan another day to leave the kids for a few hours and enjoy a proper date :)