Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today was my daycare halloween party! Some of the parents brought treats, and Cole and I made cupcakes. This was the first year, I asked the kids to bring their costumes. The kiddos ate a few treats, dressed up in their costumes, and watched a Halloween movie. I think the costumes were their favorite part even though, they were in them total probably 20 minutes! But, they loved every minute of it!

I love dressing up for Halloween but this year, the hubs and I didn't end up going to the halloween party we had planned on. Boooo. There is always next year, and I'll probably be thinking about our costumes until then!

Our trick-or-treat was this past sunday, so we don't have any big plans for tonight. I wish we were able to trick-or-treat on halloween, and in the evening! That's how I always remember it during my childhood. Yeah, it was freezing....but it was fun!

                                                        My babies in their halloween shirts!
                                                             My boys in their costumes!
                                                        Daycare kiddos in their costumes!

                                                                   Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A random, all over the place, kinda day

Well.....Drew has yet another double ear infection, and Cole has a sinus infection. This means my little Drew is going to have to get tubes in his ears! I was hoping we could avoid this, but doesn't look like that's going to happen! Hopefully they work for him!

Today is an odd day! Just about every school in the area is closed, so you know what that means for me....more kiddos! I am down 4 kids today due to their moms being teachers, so they are at home, but gained a few other school agers, who don't normally come. Cole's preschool was even cancelled today!

My hubs worked an extra shift last night, since he's off today. I've never understood his reasoning. "I'm off tomorrow, so I'll work more today" WTH....just be off for once? But, I guess it's ok since I'm sure he was needed last night with the crazy weather! He BETTER stay home today/tonight though....or this mama might lose her mind!!

I have been thinking it's wednesday all day...but I'm sad now that I have realized that it's only tuesday because that means Duck Dynasty is NOT on tonight! Yes, I love that show. I may have giant crush on Willie! It's totally redneck, and it reminds me soo much of my hometown, and my cousins ! lol

I have no pics to share, or any mind blowing topics to change the world today either. Just a very random, all over the place, out of routine, kinda day for me! What's your day like?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick-or-Treat Weekend

Yesterday was our Trick-or-Treat! It was a miserable day! freezing and raining! Wind was blowing like crazy, umbrellas turning inside out, kids soaking wet, parents soaking wet, and just a plain old miserable time! But........we went anyway! Drew didn't join our wonderful trick-or-treating experience. He stayed home and passed out candy with Grandma and Grandpa. Both my kiddos have a cough, and runny you can imagine just how much the weather helped with this! booooo. (both going to the DR. today...AGAIN)

Cole LOVED his costume, Drew HATED his costume!!

                                                                         Officer Cole
He looked so cute!! He was definitely in love with his costume! I'm glad.....he wore it all day yesterday!!
Now for my not so happy lion.......

He hated his costume!! He also doesn't feel well, so that didn't help! I didn't get one picture of him in the costume without crying!

                My sweet babies!! Maybe next year Drew will have more fun! :) Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Fun

Yesterday, I received a letter from Cole's preschool teachers. It said something along these lines.....
RE: Halloween "party" I forgot to put this in the newsletter, sorry.... but our halloween festivities will be tomorrow Oct, 25. You should bring a treat for 15 kids, and please stay to help your child pass out the treat.
WHAT???? Awesome. Tell me the night before that I need treats for 15 kids! I had some things planned, but I had them planned for NEXT week on Halloween. Nice of them to tell us the day before huh. That's some serious poor planning if you ask me! to pinterest I go, for an emergency treat! I decided on witch hats, and brooms! Mainly because there was no baking involved, and it's something I could make quick! I had in depth frankenstein cupcakes, and mummy cookies planned for next week. Guess I will try those for our daycare party! So here's what we came up with....
Cole wanted to sample them the whole time we were working on them! :) I thought they turned out cute! They were super easy, and quick.....seeing as I had less than 24 hours to get something together! Here is a pic of Cole all ready for his party today! They are not allowed to wear their costumes, only halloween shirts....LAME!

I'm not sure what's up with the new "smile" lol. But, he's still cute!! ANNNND since we got to help with the halloween treats today, I got to leave the house for a little bit!! Holla!!!

Our neighborhood does something we call "boo" each halloween. You get a halloween bucket, fill it with goodies, and then after dark you put it on someones doorstep in the neighborhood, ring the doorbell, and run! Inside the bucket is a picture of a ghost that says "Boo to you" put the ghost on the front door to show that you have already been "bood" You then make 2 copies of the instruction sheet, 2 copies of the ghost, and make 2 buckets of your own....and "boo" 2 more neighbors within 48 hours. We received our "boo" on tuesday night! So last night Cole and I filled buckets so that we could go "boo" our neighbors!!

Cole had fun taking them to our neighbors! He thought it was even cooler that he got to go walk around in the dark with Daddy :) It's a fun little tradition! Our neighborhood is only 4 years old, and full of kids, we do lots of fun things like this! Exciting for the the kiddos, and well, me too! :)  Carving pumpkins was postponed until tonight! So that should be a good time!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pushing Through?!?!

I had it in my head this morning, that I didn't want to do my workout. I knew I had to, but I reaaallllly didn't want to. I'm not even sure why...just didn't feel like it today. I missed yesterdays, because I had too many kids....and didn't have a free moment to get anything done...let alone a workout. Wednesdays are supposed to be the easy day for my workout DVD. It's only a 1 mile day! But, since I missed yesterday...which was supposed to be 4 miles....I thought I would do those 4 miles today. Makes sense right? I said I didn't want to work out AT ALL today...let alone 4 miles. But, I was gonna do it anyway!

I started out weak....just not into it today! Then, everything that could go wrong started going wrong! Kids were not willing to let me have a free second today...I had to stop at least 3 times. I was missing steps to my DVD, I was slower than I was supposed to be...just EVERYTHING! I just wasn't having it today! I did 2 miles....2 very weak, poor, shameful miles and stopped. I still worked up a little sweat! (sad huh) but nowhere near what I usually do....and instead of feeling great after I finish....I feel I have failed for the day! Ugh! Not a good feeling!

I guess a lot of working out is mind over matter. Usually even if I don't want to get moving, after I do....I get into it and then I'm glad I did it! But, today I just couldn't shake that "I do not want to do this today feeling" Does this ever happen for anyone else? 

My fuse is very short today too! I of course didn't get much sleep because well Drew hates me I never do! I'm just not in the mood for anything today! BLAH! Hopefully I can make the right choices at lunch time....because if I don't, I might just lose my mind! But, what I really really really want is a nice cold pepsi!!! AHHH I need to shake this bad mood today, or it could be a very long day! On a happier note.....tonight we are carving my kiddos pumpkins! Cole is going to have a spiderman pumpkin, and I'm sure my hubs just can't wait! The template looks like lots of fun.....bahahaha :) And I think Mr. Drew is going to have an elmo pumpkin!

I hope all of you are having a good day....send me those good vibes to kick this negative nancy attitude!! Who knows....maybe at nap time I'll be able to do those 2 extra miles I slacked on....maybe even 3?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogging Addiction!

My name is Kristen, and I believe I have a blogging addiction! This past friday was the first weekday that I haven't blogged since I started my blog 2 months ago! It was on my mind all day...but I only had one extra kiddo to watch that day, so we just stayed upstairs in the house, and didn't come down to the daycare. Which was wonderful! I got a lot done! Cleaned a little, cleaned out both kids closets, and didn't feel as bogged down with things to do this weekend! it was sooooo nice! Friday evening...I did sit down and read all the blogs I follow..I couldn't take it anymore! But, I didn't write.

I haven't had much to say lately. In a weight-loss rut, and in a "coming up with interesting stuff to say" rut. I am however reading more and more and more blogs, until I'm having trouble getting my work done!
This weekend we FINALLY got Cole a Halloween costume! If you have looked at my blog AT ALL you'll see that my hubs is a firefighter. Well this is the costume Cole picked out.....
Uh oh! you're right that is NOT a firefighter! "I just be a police-man Daddy, it's ok" Cole doesn't say policeman...he makes it two words....pretty cute! Daddy almost shed a tear right there in Target! not really. In fact, Daddy wants to be a policeman part time and a FF full time! Yeah, like he needs another job....and I'm totally against him becoming a cop. For many reasons! That could be a whole post in itself! He did say to Cole however, "you're breaking daddy's heart" but he was joking....I think.

Drew graduated to 18 months clothes! He's 7 months old! Big boy! He barrel rolls all around and gets up on his hands and knees. He looks like he's going to crawl, and we all cheer, and squeal....then he drops like a ton of bricks, and rolls! I think he's messing with us! He is detroying everything in his path these days. His favorite thing to do is to knock down all my picture frames on the shelf of the tv stand. Usually one time is not good enough. It's usually 3 or 4 times! :)
Hey, it makes him happy....and gives me a chance to wash bottles in peace, or pack lunches! I'm not sad about the fact that he wants to be more independant!!

And, remember how I said I didn't come down to my daycare friday? It wasn't planned. I actually found out about 10pm on Thursday that I was only going to have one kiddo. So I wasn't prepared to not come back down to the daycare for the rest of the weekend. But, I didn't think about that then.....and this is what I came down to at 6:30am this morning.....

Yep. Disgusting, gross, yuck! There were 5 bags total in case you were wondering. So after multiple trips up to the garage to throw trash away...I think the smell is gone! Yikes!
Happy Monday Kids!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Moving!

I bought a new workout DVD on tuesday night....and started the workout wednesday morning. I'm 2 days in, and so far I love it! Feels good to be moving! I am praying that I make myself stick to it! It's a walk DVD that incorporates aerobics as well. It focuses on different areas each day, and is a different workout each day. It's based on a 5 day week, which works for me! I can do it while in my daycare, and it's out of the way before evening. I love that. Here is what the workouts are set up like:

Monday: 3 mile walk, and ab session
Tuesday: 4 mile walk, and arm session
Wednesday: 1 mile walk and leg session
Thursday: 2 mile walk and chest & back session
Friday: 5 mile walk and full body stretch

Obviously, since I bought it on a tuesday night, my workouts are a little off schedule, so I'll need to do it on saturday, and sunday this week to get on the right track. Today, I did 4 miles and an arm session. I'm sure it's no 30 Day Shred....but it gets me moving! 2 days ago I wasn't working out at all, and yesterday I worked out for 45 min and today an hour! So I'm happy with that! I'll take it!
I've been trying to clean up my diet again too. Yesterday I wanted to claw someones eyes out  a coke because I had a horrible headache! I got one, but only drank half, and put the rest in the refrigerator. I figure, if I'm gonna do this....I can't completely deprive myself, or I will cave....AGAIN. Here is my breakfast everyday this week so far....
And of course you can't forget the unsweet tea!! It's baby steps....but I'm trying to make that change! I said I wanted to lose 15 pounds by November 3. I don't think I'm going to meet that goal seeing as it's 2 weeks away....but maybe we could shoot for 10? I'm not sure that's even possible. But, I'm gonna try! I feel better....and hope to be moving in the right direction! C'mon results! I need to see you to keep going!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drew is 7 months old!

Drew is 7 months old today! I can't believe it! In one way it feels like it's been forever since he was born, in another seems like it has flown by! Figure that one out! He has made our little family complete. No more babies for us! I have always heard "you'll miss the baby stage" from other moms. I've always thought , wow there is seriously something wrong with me, because I couldn't wait for Cole to get bigger! With the second baby (Drew) you tend to notice little moments more, and hold on to them more. You know what's to come as they get older, and you're ready for it.....but for enjoy your "baby".  I am very nervous with babies. When they get sick it's more of a big deal, when they sleep it's more of a big deal, bottles, diaper bags, baby food etc. There are just more things to worry about with babies. I love my baby of course....but I'm excited to watch him grow, and learn. I'm weird like that, I guess. I look forward to him walking, and running around with his big brother! I look forward to having conversations with him. I look forward to teaching him new things! Cole was walking at 10 months old, so it just dawned on me that Drew could be walking in 3 months??!?!?! that seems unreal.

I understand what "those moms" mean when they say I'll miss the baby stage...but, I wouldn't change the fact that babies grow up into their own little person! I think that's the fun part. Watching who they turn out to be. I feel that with Drew, I am a much "smarter" mom than I was with Cole as a baby.  I am better at caring for a baby this time around. Sorry Cole! I just know what I'm doing, a little more this time!

Drew is 20.5 pounds, wearing 12-18 months clothes...has already grown out of some 12 month clothes! He's a big, happy, boy! He's has the happiest little personality! He loves Cole to pieces. I love watching them interact with each other. So sweet.I feel like Cole is becoming such a big boy! He's going to preschool, fully potty trained, getting more independant each day! He's growing up! Now.....this may be when I get sad! Not the baby stage, when they start getting older stage! Some of the things Cole says each day amaze me! He's so smart. He's a sponge thats for sure! He soaks up everything we say.....even the not-so-good stuff!! I wouldn't change any of it. This is what life is all about! I'm so thankful for my two sweet boys!
 I love this pic of Cole checking on his new baby brother! We were still in the hospital.

This is Drew at 7 days old. I looooove this pic!

                                 And my little man today, at 7 months old! Taking a little snooze!! Love my baby boys!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Biggest Loser?

I vowed that today, I would get serious about my workouts! I need to get moving. It makes me feel better, and I want to do it....just fear I suppose. I started Couch 2-5k but it's hard to have any time to do it with both I figured out that whatever workout I do, needs to be something I can get done during the day while the kiddos are napping. (while I'm still in my daycare). So I was thinking.....Ripped in 30, or 30 day shred...hmm. I don't have either of them so I would first need to go buy one! Then I hubs bought me "The Biggest Loser" for xbox kinnect for Christmas! Yes, I said Christmas! Don't judge! lol. Has anyone ever done this workout? Good, bad, worked, didn't work? I think I'm gonna start with that....and hopefully get some treadmill time in a few times a week as well. Oh and hubs isn't just mean and bought me a workout DVD for Christmas, I asked him for it, lol. Thought I should clarify before someone was mortified that my husband would do that to me!

So I'm curious, what are your workout schedules? Do you have a certain time of day that you workout? Do you have time to yourself to workout, or is it right there with screaming kids, pets, and spouses? Mine will for sure be with 2 kids under my feet! But, gotta do what you gotta do, right?

After eating whatever I wanted all weekend, and being in this rut the past 3 weeks of just not caring what I'm eating....I've definitely paid for it! I feel awful, look awful, and have no choice but to be mad at myself for this! So here we go again.....starting over! Ugh.

I'm going to follow these tips, and work out, and hopefully see some results! If not......I'm just going to have to start wearing hefty bags!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Drew's First Trip To The Pumpkin Farm

Last night we made a very quick, and cold trip to another pumpkin farm. It's very close to home, and we go every year. I had to buy the rest of my outside "stuff" and Drew had to have his first trip to the pumpkin farm! He didn't go with Cole on his field trip. We weren't able to go till about then it was super cold out, and almost dark! So, our pics were quick and probably not as good as they could have been. But, it was the only time to go...and we had to get Drew a pumpkin! These things are important to me :)
                                                 You can just see how thrilled he was!
Just by looking at this pic, you can see what kind of mood Cole was in! He  had just falllen asleep, and we woke him up to go! Not a happy camper!
at least he gave me one pic of him smiling :)

A few more mums, and some pumpkins! I FINALLY got my straw bales, and cornstalks too :)

Some of the decorations. They have something new every year!
Hopefully sometime this weekend, I can actually get the outside of the house done! it's driving me crazy! Happy Friday, Have a great weekend!! We will be visiting with my parents at their lake house. Spending the night for the first time in the new house!

                                         It's the green house on the water with the light on!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Because...

I have a few random things to share today! First of all, yesterday was Drew's ENT appointment! We got some good news! He has no fluid in either ear, and hears perfect out of both. Right now, there is no need for tubes! This made me such a happy Mommy! I know many children have tubes, they work for some kids, and for some they don't! That's not to say that I'm against them at all....Just means that I don't believe in putting your child through the surgery (minimal, yet still surgery) unless it's absolutely a necessity. So for now, we will hold off. Dr. did give us the paperwork for tubes should Drew get another ear infection in a short period of time. So keep your fingers crossed! He has been sleeping soooooo much better this week! In fact, 2 nights in a row he slept ALL NIGHT! Yes, you read correctly. ALL NIGHT! Last night he went to bed an hour earlier than normal so he was up about 3:30, but that was after 6 hours straight. I'm not complaining! He did go right back to sleep after a few again...I'm NOT complaining!! He's cutting 4 teeth right now, so the fact that he's sleeping at all makes me happy!

                                                              Good job my sweet boy!!

Cole went to the Dr. this morning. I thought he had an ear infection...turns out, he does not. He's been a cranky pants all week, and not wanting to go to preschool all of the sudden. I'm not sure what thats about. I'm wondering if he got in trouble at school, or something that I dont know about. So since he didn't feel good he only went to school 1 out of 3 days this week. I'm pretty sure he's playing hooky however. Already starting giving me trouble about school at age 3. Help me! From what I hear, his dad wasn't so big on going to school either. Greeeeeaaaaat! We all have this cough, and just feel I don't doubt that Cole doesn't feel well...but I think he's using it to his advantage for sure! I mentioned before that the kids are in to watching my old Disney VHS tapes in my daycare. Today, Cole has the kids watching Mary Poppins. I'm not so sure any of the others are interested, but he is!!
Yes, I'm very much aware that he should not be sitting this close to the TV, but it was a cute pic!
Now a very random pic! I am sending home a letter to my daycare parents today about some important upcoming dates, and I'm super proud of the cute pumpkin letter I created! :)
                                                That is all, Happy Thursday Boys and Girls :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Fashion

I LOVE fall clothes. I don't get "dressed" nicely everyday for the job I's usually jeans and a shirt, or sweats and a shirt.....pretty hot, I know! But, I make food, feed a baby, change diapers, make crafts, and play on the floor all day. Not a very glamourous job! But when we have something to do on the weekends, I like to look "presentable" Last fall during pregnancy I discovered the wonderful world of cardigans, and jackets! This is a look I like for multiple reasons but the number being.....hides some of the belly. I know that skinny jeans are the talk of the town right now.....but I am pretty sure I can't pull them off (since nothing about me is skinny) and even if I could wear them, I'm not sure I would? Def not the colored ones. YUCK! Although I am dying to try the leggings with boots look, and who knows maybe a dark denim skinny jean (After I lose some pounds) .....I see these great outfits on pinterest and wish my closet looked like this!

but if I'm going to pull off any of these outfits, it looks like I'm going to need this....
I think I'm having an identity crisis!! I'm also wanting to change my hair color, and have been trying to let my layers grow out. Which is not working out. Can't stand it. But, I find myself wanting to look like this

This is what I have now......
My hair can be as big, and is as long as the girl in that just doesn't look that good when I do it! lol and of course we can't forget the nails. Fall colors are my fave!

Today, is a big day! Drew goes to the ENT (not happy about it) but that also means, I get out of the house...and get to wear real clothes! Here is my first bathroom mirror pic ever!! haha

By seeing this pic, I'm sure you can tell where the weight problem lies. The mid section....or what used to be the mid section. :( I'm actually shocked I'm even putting this pic on here! It is what it is, I suppose. I do like that sweater, however!  There you have fall wish bring on the money and the body for the shopping spree!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Needs a kick in the big ............

I have not only fallen off the wagon....I've now gotten ran over by it! UGH I don't know what the deal is! It's like I've forgotten everything about weight-loss. I'm eating crap.....and craving it! I want pop, pop, and more pop. If it's something I shouldn't have, I want it! I don't know what is wrong with me! Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, knows that when you see results it's easier to keep going....but when you stop trying, it's that much harder to get going again! I need to kick myself into gear. I'm tired of looking/feeling like this.

Things in life have been pretty stressful lately, so I'm gussing the uncontrollable urge to eat is linked to that...but c'mon!! I gotta stop this! It's giving me even more weight to lose, and making me feel even worse about myself!! Something has gotta give! This is a message with one of my friends the other day, who is also wanting to drop some weight.
These are the things I think about ALL DAY LONG!!!! So how do I stop feeling sorry for myself, get out of this rut,a nd make it happen??? How do I MAKE time to do my workouts without letting the fact that I'm alone with the kids stop me? There has to be "me time" time to do the workout, and time to focus on myself. Other moms do it, this mom needs to do it. I think the amount of weight I wanna lose, it what scares the bajeesus out of me. Mama L was right today when she said that losing weight isn't just a physical battle. That's definitely the truth!!  My mind is my own worst enemie! I swear every post that girl writes, she wrote for me! So for those of you who have lost the do you keep going? Have you hit ruts where you give up? do you sometimes just wanna EAT?!?!?! Do you give in to the cravings, or find a way to steer clear? I'm so tired and frustrated with this rollercoaster! Yep....this is a big, fat, giant negative nancy post. You'll have that I guess :-/ ho hum.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Pics

This weekend Cole had his first preschool fieldtrip! At first, I thought it was a little odd to have on a saturday...but then it ended up being great! That way most of the parents are off work, and can go too! So kind of a smart idea now that I think about it! Unfortunately not every parent was off work. My hubs had to work so my Dad (Cole calls him Bumby, we have no idea why lol) went with us. Drew stayed at home with Grammy. We went to a local pumpkin farm, one that I had never went to! It was $6 for Cole to get a pumpkin, play in the jumpy house, go in the corn maze, visit the petting zoo, and go on a hayride! Now thats a deal! We had a great time. I love the pumpkin farms....fall is my favorite, until Christmas comes and then I will say Christmas is my favorite! haha.
This teepee was so cool!! Right beside it was a hay tunnel! I thought Cole would be scared to go through it, but he wasn't! He ran right through it, and actually liked it!
I of course took way too many pics, I don't wanna put all 20 on the blog so I'll pick and choose. You're welcome :) "Bumby" is Cole's absolute favorite person aside from his Daddy! He loves his Bumby!
In the corn maze. They had it set up like the 50 states....with little cards along the way with trivia about the states.
My happy boy in the pumpkin patch!
on the hayride!
We had a great time! After the field trip, Drew had his 6 month pics taken.

They take 90+ pics, and these were the only ones I liked. I wasn't so happy with the photographer this time. Drew wasn't feeling him either :) Pretty good weekend!