Friday, September 28, 2012

First Couch-2-5k Workout

Yesterday I did my first couch -to-5k "workout". It was at a snails pace....I had to stop 15 minutes in and situate Drew, then do the rest, and I felt like my shins were going to explode! So you can see, it wasn't the "ideal" workout! But, I DID IT! that's what matters. Just as I suspected, EVERYTHING jiggled, and bounced, flipped, and flopped and I was mortified...but I DID IT. More importantly, I did it alone with 2 kids in the room! Time to stop making excuses, and make it happen, so that's what I did. I think I would enjoy it a lot more, if I would have had my ipod, and wouldn't have had my kiddos right there...but I DID IT. After the 15 minute pause....I actually did start to enjoy it! I felt good that I was moving! Once I get in a groove, I do enjoy exercising...I used to anyway. Back then, I had less pounds to move around...and saw results a lot faster. That's before I had my boys! The days when I would work out in the morning, go to class, go to work, come home and work out again! ahhh....the days without a care in the world. After my first "workout" yesterday....I started thinking about the new playlist I was going to create for my ipod, and I actually started to get a little excited about what's to come. We'll see how long I am excited about it! But, I have conquered my first fear....the fear of getting started. I had an angry moment while running. I was so angry that I let my body get to this point. It's frustrating, and humiliating, and motivating!  I'm planning to do the 30 Day Shred, with the Couch-2-5k....and get this big butt in shape! I've got a long way to go....but I see those jeans in my closet with tags on them, at the finish line!! Well, not the finish line....the I've hit my first goal-line? Baby steps! :) 
My pre-workout scared face....and my post-workout......STILL scared face....and cheeks a little more red!
My boys hanging out, while I was running. Drew wasn't a happy camper, and Cole played with trains, and then decided to start throwing match box cars at me and watch them fly off my treadmill!! KIDS! Somehow, we got it done though! I felt good after, sweaty, and gross, and amazing!
Made dinner for my kiddos after, and Drew decided to make a giant mess! Bigger than he ever has before, and he had fun doing it!! Cole fell asleep during his dessert! After that, I watched the season finale of Honey-Boo-Boo on my DVR....and only on Honey-Boo-Boo would a baby be born with 2 thumbs on one hand! Not surprised!  We had a successful evening while Hubby was at work for 24 hours!

Love those crazy, noisy, messy boys!!
Happy Friday Friends!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's the little things.....

I have been feeling a little down on myself for falling off the "weight-loss wagon". I haven't been eating like I should, and I am slowly getting back into drinking pop! I'm a sucker for wild cherry pepsi! I was (am) slowly creeping back into bad habits!! This scares the heck out of me!! I don't want to go back there....I'm on my way to looking/feeling better and I don't wanna fall behind! I know it happens, I've done it many times, but this time....I thought I had this! If you read Mama Laughlins have probably read her post about the day that everything just "clicked" for her, and she was ready! I had that moment about 2 months ago. I was sick of looking and feeling the way I do now....and I knew I was the only one who could change it! It's a slow process....mainly because I have yet to start working out. (many reasons, well excuses). But, I do have plans for that! When you are unhappy with yourself, you start to become unhappy with other aspects of your life! For example....when I feel "gross" my house looks messier, my husband's crazy schedule annoys me more, I hate my clothes, I'm fed up with basically everything. I don't like when that person comes to town! I have also found in this journey that I am most definitely an emotional eater. The second I start feeling overwhelmed with something....I'm looking for the junk food! This is where I need to find another outlet. But, it's the little things that I have happiness/success in. Today, I found a picture that I had taken of myself about 2 months ago. I don't know the exact date though (dopey me, didn't date it!) But, I I still look like that? So I took a pic today, and compaired the two, and this is what I found.....
I see a little bit of a change here!! I see some less puffy cheeks! Granted, it's been 2 months and I should probably be seeing a little more drastic results...but I'm happy. To me this shows, it's not's the little things, that will keep me going!

Now, for the part where I failed yesterday.....It was my Mom's birthday and I had made her a cake. My parents came over last night, and I had a piece of cake.....and then later after everyone left...I had ANOTHER piece of cake! Because I was hungry? Ummm no....just because it was there!! GRR But, I think after seeing my pics today...maybe that will help me STEP AWAY FROM THE CAKE! well, that and sending that darn thing home with my parents today! :)
I will miss you cake....nope, no I won't ! GET AWAY!!
The other day, we were getting ready to go to our little festival, and I had curled my hair, and had a sweater, and jeans on. Nothing fancy....just a little different from my "daycare attire". My 3 year old, Cole....said "mommy you look handsome" Well, I hope not handsome...but I knew what he was trying to say, and it was so sweet. Like I said, it's the little things!
Happy Thursday !

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weight-loss Reality

This weight-loss journey gets me down sometimes! I've fallen off the wagon the past two weeks, and then I think "did you enjoy that pizza?" because now you have even more work to do! I've been eating poorly, and for what reason? Just because I wanted to! SO FRUSTRATING!! After talking with a friend yesterday, I started thinking. What do I want to achieve with this journey? My wants are very simple really....

My weight-loss wish list:

I want to be able to wear shorts! Somewhere in this weight gain, I lost my knees. I would like to find those, and then wear shorts again!

I want to fit in the clothes that are in my closet!

I want to feel good about myself again

I want to look good again

I want to have more energy

I don't really care what the scale long as I'm happy with how I look and feel

I don't want to stay home anymore, because I can't stand the thought of people seeing what I look like now.

I want to be excited to get "dressed up"

I want every part of my body to stop hurting, when I do even the smallest bit of physical activity

I want my husband to be proud of me, for sticking to it.

I don't think those things are very unrealistic....I can do that....right? I just need that extra push sometimes. It seems once you fall off the wagon, it's that much harder to get back on! As Halloween approaches, I always think back to right after I started dating my hubs. We went to a Halloween party....and I felt good about myself then. I had just lost about 15 pounds, still in college, worked part time, spent way too much time tanning, and I was happy. Not a care in the world, when you think about it.  Someone took a pic of us that night, and I LOVE the picture, I always have. Now when I look at it, I think....thats what I want to look like again! (Minus all the tanning) 
I wasn't "skinny" in this picture. The pants are a size 13!, and the shirt was a large. But I felt good! I'm short, and I've always had some "junk in the trunk" but in a good way....Now the junk is way too much...but then I liked it! This just proves my point! I don't care about the size of the clothes, or the number on the scale....I just want to look good, and feel good with what I see! I really have no words, about my hubs in this pic, LoL
Another pic, around the same time. Again, not skinny....a size 12-13 but I'm ok with that....and for my heigth, and butt.....that's skinny! :)
And one more pic....about the same size....with bleachy blonde street-walker-like hair! But I had cheek bones!! ahhh....the little things I miss! I'll get there again....just need to get my big butt in gear!!
And here is me today....Where did those cheek bones go?? lots of work to do!
2 babies, and 5 years of eating crap, and not moving your body and this is what you get! Reality sucks sometimes!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our weekend, with lots of pictures!

We had a pretty eventful weekend! Saturday we walked in the Juvenile Diabetes was about 50 degrees! It was chilly, but it was nice! We had a good time, and it was good exercise for me! Pushing a double stroller, with 2 kids in it, up hill pretty much kicked my butt though. That makes me mad!! It should not be that way. The truth hurts, lol.

We had to wear grey for our team at the JDRF walk, so my babies were matching in their firetruck sweatshirts!

Sunday we went to our little town festival. Cole had a good time, but there is really NOTHING there :) We still had fun though!
Cole and Daddy
Drew wasn't quite as excited!
My favorite part of the festival!
Good news is, I got more exercise this weekend, than I have in a while....sad, but true. Bad news is, I figured out just how much work I have to do!!
If you've read any past posts of mine you will know that my 6 month old still doesn't sleep all night! Well last night was a new LOW! He was up not 1, not 2, not 3....but 5 TIMES!!! UGH My head hurts, my eyes hurt, my everything hurts! lol. I really don't know what we're doing wrong with him! He slept better as a newborn! AHHH I'm about to tell him to start looking for an apartment!! Mama, can't do this buddy!! lol

                                                        My sad, sleepy, monday face :(

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend with my babies (except for lack of sleep of course:) Spent lots of time together, and made some memories...Love it! A few more pics of my cute little boys!!
My little Buckeye!
Nothing says love, like eating your big brothers face! LOL

Happy Monday, I hope you're all more awake than I am this morning!! I really need to start drinking coffee!! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weight Loss, and a few random thoughts

So I'm sure you've all heard the hype about the "green tea-coffee bean extract" pill. Dr. Oz says it's "natural weightloss" and gives you energy at the same time. I thought....awesome, I'm gonna try it! I'm VERY anemic and the iron pills, no matter what brand.....make me feel like I'm giving birth! Yes, the stomach pain is that bad from them! In fact, with my first son we actually went to labor and delivery because I thought I was in labor!!! Anyway...if this green tea pill is supposed to give you some extra energy, I want it!! I need all the energy I can get, thanks to my little Drew and his hatred of sleeping! :)

I started the pill 3 days ago, I only take one a day (you can take 2) but I see no difference in the energy level. However, I do notice less bloating?? I like it. There are no side effects, which is nice. No shaking, heart pounding...nothing like that.

I'm not an advocate for "diet pills" I've been there, done that, lost the weight, and gained it back. I went on a pill through my Dr after my first son was born. Made me completely not hungry, and I dropped 25 pounds in less than 3 months. You are only allowed to be on the pill for 3 months at a time, then off for 6 months. Every 2 weeks I had to weigh-in with my Dr. and if you didn't lose any weight, you didn't get your prescription refilled. Simple as that. I had no trouble losing, lost 11 pounds in the first 2 weeks! My Dr. said the average was 7 pounds, and I needed to slow down. Well when you aren't the least bit hungry, you don't eat, and you lose weight, and you lose it FAST! And, like everyone when you see think "hell yeah, let's keep going!"

BAD IDEA! When I reached my 3 months and had to go off the pill....guess're HUNGRY! I seriously became a binge eater!! Packed those pounds back on even fast than they came off!!  So to sum it pills, and miracle drugs=short term success. But, you can be assured you will be losing those same pounds over again...the "right" way.
So what are your thoughts on this?I
I haven't weighed myself, because I'm afraid of that number....but if I start feeling like I'm losing something, I might  have to take the plunge and find out what that scale says.
I'm seeing a lot of stuff on here about the couch to 5k program. I'm pretty interested, and I'm thinking I'm gonna have to try it! I'm also planning to start the 30 day shred on Monday. But, you will not catch me posting a "before" pic, until I have an "after" pic! I want to run, I think about it a lot...but it's the fear of getting this body moving that scares me. I want to do it....Just afraid of the hard truth I'm going to have to face, when everything hurts, and jiggles, and the raw dissappointment and disgust I'm going to have to face.

But , I have to start somewhere right? This weekend we are doing a 3 mile walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Our neighbor girl, is 9, and was diagnosed with diabetes at age 5. We walked last year, and had a lot of fun, so here we go again! All the money goes to the diabetes foundation, so it's a good cause, and good exercise!

We also have our little town carnival this weekend. Cole is super excited to ride those little motorcycles he's been eyeing since they put them up on thursday!! Fireworks on saturday night, and lots of fun with our neighbors! Should be a fun weekend! AND wait for it......My hubs is off saturday AND sunday! Holla! :)

One last thing before I go....yesterday evening my babies were being so cute together. Warms my heart. I love that Drew is at the age where he is starting to do things, and the boys are really starting to interact with each other!! Such sweet boys!!
Happy Friday friends, enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

If you really knew me.....

I've decided to get on board with all the other "If you really knew me posts" Here goes.....

If you really knew me, you'd know that I feel like I looked the best I ever have when I met my hubs..and I feel like I've let him down with the way I look now.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I would love for my house to be perfect all day, everyday

If you really knew me, you'd know that I feel inferior to lots of people now, due to my appearance. That's hard for me because I have never been this way before.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I put up a good front. Most of the time I'm scared of what people think of me.

If you really knew me, you'd know that being a mom was something I wanted from the time I was a little girl.

If you really knew me, you'd know that my current weight is on my mind, every second, of everyday.

If you really knew me, you'd know that sometimes I'm jealous of those of you who have husbands who work 9-5 jobs.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I love cars, and music

If you really knew me, you'd know that I love to take pictures, but never print them until I have about a million to print!

If you really knew me, you'd know that I'm a worrier...about everything!

If you really knew me, you'd know that I am a reality TV junkie.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I have lost the same 10 pounds about 375 times.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I try to please everyone, and have found out that is not possible.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I love to decorate my home, and think of new things to do to it all the time.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I would love to have every aspect of my life organized at all times. But, that doesn't happen.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I'm a country girl at heart....but still love my makeup, flat iron, clothes, and jewelry.

If you really knew me you'd know that I love my Tahoe, more than I would ever love a sports car

If you really knew me, you'd know that there is in fact "something about a truck"

If you really knew me, you'd know that I'm disgusted with the way I look.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I would love to be a realtor.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I get my feelings hurt very easily.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I have a Bachelors Degree, but don't use it!

If you really knew me, you'd know that I'm very close to my parents

If you really knew me, you'd know that I want to be able to run....I think about it a lot, just afraid to do it.

If you really knew me, you'd know that the amount of weight I want to lose, scares the hell out of me, but I know it has to be done! I wanna be a "hot mama" lol

If you really knew me, you'd know that I'm a morning person

If you really knew me, you'd know that fall is my favorite season

If you really knew me, you'd know that my boys are my whole life

If you really knew me, you'd know that my hubs is 8 1/2 years older than me

If you really knew me, you'd know that like every married couple, we don't get much time together.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I hate Seinfeld, and The Office

If you really knew me you'd knwo that I watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns everynight in bed

If you really knew me you'd know that I love Vince Vaughn, Seth Rogen, and Matthew McConaughey

If you really knew me, you'd know that I still think Friends is the best show ever written!

If you really knew me, you'd know I want lots and lots of followers to write to everyday!

That's me in a nutshell! ....How do I get out of this nutshell?....oh Austin Powers, I don't even like you, yet your quotes come to me all the time! LOL

Fall has reached the Porter House!

Fall is my FAVORITE season! I love the weather, the CLOTHES, football, Thanksgiving, pumpkin farms, hayrides, bonfires, the decor...just everything! I'm always ready for summer to end, and fall to begin! So last night I finally got some of my fall decor out!

I haven't got the outside of the house done  yet, but most of the inside! Here are a few pics

Last night, Cole discovered the world of push-pops! You would have thought he struck gold! He was loving it !He calls it a "stucka" which means "sucker" but he doesn't pronounce his Rr's very good yet. It's cute....FOR NOW! :)

Today, Drew goes for his 6month checkup. He's going to be getting shots, so it will probably be an interesting afternoon for him! He always gets a fever with the shots. Poor baby :( Last night he started holding his own bottle! yay!

But, on the bright side...I get to go out among the living today to take him to the doctor! Which means I get to wear normal clothes, and see someone over the age of 3! :)

Yup, It's the little things! Happy Thursday boys and girls!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Train wreck of a morning!

As you know, my hubs is a Firefighter....and if you didn't know you are obviously not paying attnetion when you look at my's kinda hard to miss!  Last night he was on shift (24 hours).  I put Drew to bed at 9:00...but of course Cole wasn't having it. By 10:30 (ugh) Cole was finally falling asleep just in time for Drew to wake up! AHHH!!! I NEED to sleep, for the sake of everyone!

Ohh, NOW you sleep!

Drew was then up again at about 1:30....then Cole at 3, and Cole again at 5. By 5 AM I had not one, but two kids in my bed, and a cat! I'm not a fan of the kids in my bed, but when you are exhausted, and do what you gotta do!

And so begins my "train wreck of a morning"
Since everyone was FINALLY sleeping so soundly in MY bed.....myself included...I didn't wanna get up this morning! I didn't get up until 6:40!!! My kiddos for daycare arrive at 7:30! I had to get myself ready, and 2 kids in that amount of time! DIDN'T HAPPEN! I ended up carrying clothes to my basement for both kids, nobody's bag was packed last night (I must have been on something last night!) I ALWAYS pack the bags at night.  When I finally get to the basement....I didn't even have a clean bottle to feed my crying baby! Seriously, I don't know what my deal was last night, it's like I forgot who I was! UGH! I hate starting days like that! Throws me off.  My hubs gets home at 7:30AM with my savior, and unsweet tea from's my coffee! He quickly changes, and heads off to his part-time fire dept. He will get home at 6:15 this evening IF he doesn't get stuck on a call.

My Mom arrives to take Cole to preschool, and I'm still getting him dressed, he hasn't finished his breakfast, and he's not in the mood for any of it! probably from his middle of the night play-dates he wanted to have last night! Finally after getting Cole off to preschool, and the kids I watch off to Kindergarten....I can finally dress my baby! Whew....I revolve around a routine/schedule for every aspect of the day, and when that gets thrown takes me a while to recoup! :)
So let's hope we get back on schedule for the rest of the day! Happy Hump Day everyone!
And of course a few pics of my babies, just because I love them :)
Anyone need a ride?

Cole having lunch at my parents lake house

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A fitness and fashion break through!

I'll start with the fitness part of my random thinking today:
I'm a little all over the place with my post today. I've posted a few times about how I need to MAKE time to work out, but make excuses baby still doesn't sleep at night, and I'm exhausted! (no joke!), I am already lacking sleep, to be able to get up earlier than I already have to....since we've already been up twice or more in the middle of the night (true story!) blah blah blah. So this morning while getting ready, I was thinking....(that always gets me into trouble lol)

Why not take advantage of the time I DO have? I've talked about my daycare that is in my basement. I basically have two of everything I need in my house. One for the living area, and one for the basement! This just makes for less "stuff" that I have to transport back and fourth. I do spend most of my time in the basement so it makes sense, I think lol.  So here is my revelation.....ask my hubs to move my treadmill to the basement! Then I can pull it out at "rest time" when the kids are sleeping and use that time to at least get some exercise in! Gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

I'm also going to be starting 30 Day Shred soon, since I can no longer ignore the before and after pics I'm seeing some of the girls I follow, post!
There is a pair of jeans in my close twith the tags still on! I WILL wear those jeans to Thanksgiving with my family. That is my short term goal! I realize I have a LONG way to go after I can fit in those jeans...but I have to give myself a realistic goal or I will never succeed! I like to blame the weight on having two kids....but the truth is I was thinner while pregnant with my first son, than I was after I had him....and weighed less during pregnancy with my first son...than I did before I was pregnant with my second!

I've lost some weight in the past 6 weeks...but not anything significant. I'm just frustrated with starting over all the time! I've lost the same 10 pounds about 20 times! haha. So anyway, I think the best solution would be to get my treadmill down here to my dungeon...err ummm daycare!  (it's not a dungeon, it's finished, and pretty comfortable) But I do often feel like a windows! lol

Ok, now on to the fashion randomness:
I have always had long hair, and it will continue to be long! However, I have always had it layered. Shorter layers so that it curls easier. It's been blonde, it's been brown, and the natural color is a mix of  dark brown...maybe even closer to black. For the past year it's been brown. I started coloring it at home about a year ago! I had NEVER colored it at home, always went to a salon and paid a million dollars for color and highlights. I need it colored every 3 weeks because it gets so grey! Yes, I'm 29 and have had grey hair since I was 17! sad huh.

So right now, I'm letting the layers grow out....into longer layers, and I'm wanting to leave my hair brown just highlight a little. I'm wanting to highlight myself so that I don't have to go back to the salon. I don't have time for the salon, nor do I want to start spending crazy money again. But I'm nervous! Anyone ever highlighted their dark hair on their own before? How did it go? I'm gonna google it for sure, lol.

I'm a sucker for the Kardashians, and I want Khloe's hair lol....not the color, the length. I feel like the more I layer it, the shorter it is in the front......not digging that. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated!!

Here's what we're dealing with: Don't mind the messy makeup....I work with kids people lol :) So continue to let the layers grow, or cut them? and highlight, or leave it alone? Those are the questions!

And of course here are a few pics of my babies, just because :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Drew is 6 months old!

Today's post is all about my little Drew! He is 6 months old today! If you counted back 6 months, you're right...he wa born on St. Patrick's Day!

From the second Drew was born, he had a sweet personality. He didn't get excited about much, and was a very laid back boy right from the beginning.  As I mentioned before, I have an in-home daycare. When Drew was five weeks old, we went back to "daycare" Which is in our basement. It was a bad week to return! All the kids had runny noses, and coughs. By the end of the 5th week, Drew was admitted to Children's Hospital with Bronchiolitis, and Pneumonia. It was awful. The most scared I had ever been in my life. He was only 6 weeks old. We had to stay for 6 days. It was so hard to be away from my older son, Cole. But, I had to stay at the hospital with Drew. I couldn't leave him. He recovered and we came home!

At about 2 months old, Drew developed Eczema. It was only in a few places, not too bad. But at 12 weeks old, it spread to his whole body, and he then developed an Eczema infection! He looked terrible!! He was covered in these puss filled bumps, from head to toe! When we arrived at the hospital, they had to do a spinal tap, because they weren't sure what was going on, and he had a 102 temp! This time I was at the hospital alone because my hubs had to stay home with our older son.

Drew was admitted to the hospital for another 2 days. The diagnosis was an Eczema infection, cause unknown. From what I understand, if there is an open wound anywhere on the skin....babies with skin issues are VERY prone to infection! Drew had been scratching his head up, from itching....probably how he got an infection. While in the hospital they told me it could take up to 3 months for his skin to heal. Thank God, for watching over us because he was COMPLETELY clear in 5 days!

Since then his Eczema has been an ongoing battle. We have finally found a Dermatologist, and wonderful Allergiest who have him looking amazing! His skin is so clear, and he's still a happy boy!

So today is a very happy day for me that my little guy is 6 months old! The older he gets, the more relaxed I hope to become. It's so scary when they are little and sick. As he gets older, everyone becomes less concerned when they have a fever, a cough, a stuffy nose. I'm still a worrier of course....but I feel a little more at ease as he gets older.

Today, Drew weighs 19 pounds and 4 oz! He's wearing 12 month clothes, and some 18 month clothes! He rolls over constantly, gets up on his knees and rocks! He's trying to crawl!He has 2 bottom teeth, and the top 2 are about to come through! He LOVES his big brother! Smiles at him as soon as he enters the room. Drew laughs, and coos, and growls! :) He's a happy boy. He loves his baby food, and would eat a steak if I gave it to him! He's very alert, and interested in everything thats going on! He is going to graduate to a "big boy" carseat next week! I can no longer lug him around in that infant carseat! TOO HEAVY!! Drew has brought so much joy to our lives. Our family is complete with our two boys. Love them both so much, and couldn't be happier, or luckier to be their Mommy! <3 Here are some pics of Drew!
 Drew's first time at the fair! Aug 2012
 Bathtub baby :)
Found one of big brother's dinos!

 Wearing Daddy's hat from the Warrior Dash
 I'm 6 months old today!
Cole and Drew right after Drew was born! 3-17-12

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gaining Followers

I began my blog not even 24 hours ago.....but I'm wondering how to gain followers! What do you do? How do people find me? I obviously don't want to write and post pictures just for myself! Although, I do enjoy writing, and it makes my mind work! Thinking of things to post, ideas about the blog etc. So far, I've enjoyed it!

Are most of your followers people you know? Do you post on Fb or Twitter? I have many questions, being brand new to the blogging world! Hmm...

On a different note:
I am having lots of difficulty with time management! I feel that I have no time for working out, no time to get my laundry done, no time to relax in the evenings! How do you find time?
I have this control issue with keep everything scheduled in the evening, and if something doesn't get stresses me beyond belief! Is the key, just giving up this control attitude? Letting things be a mess, and knowing I'll get to it when I get to it? My hubs seems to have that attitude and it drives me nuts! :)
I REALLY don't like spending my weekends cleaning, and doing laundry....but that's the way it goes!  How do moms do it all? I'm not sure we will ever find an answer to that question!

My mom posted this pic on her fb page for me the other day.....and although my hubs didn't find it so's the truth!! I think this our own fault though! Moms aren't happy until EVERYTHING is done! Maybe we do need to relax!

I'm not by any means saying my hubs isn't a big help....I just need to let go a little :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day in the life

6:30-wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, do makeup (on the days that my daycare kids arrive at 6:30....obviously this schedule is a little earlier! But most days my kids arrive at 7:30)
7:00-Get Cole's clothes for the day picked out
7:10-Wake Drew up. (yes I have to wake him up...hate that) Get him dressed
7:20-Stop at the fridge to grab Cole's lunch box, grab both boys bags, unlock the door for my daycare kids...and head to the basement!
7:30-8 Feed Drew, while kids are arriving. Somewhere between all this, Cole wakes up.
8:00-Feed Cole breakfast, and the daycare kids. Then get Cole dressed.
(on preschool days, Cole leaves for school at 8:40)
8:30-Get 3 school age kiddos off to school
After that, we have a little "preschool" time.....Then the kids and I play, do art projects, or other activities.
11:00-I begin making lunch for everyone
11:30-Cole arrives back home...and everyone eats lunch
12-1- The kids play while I feed Drew lunch, and clean up
1-2:30 or 3-Nap/Rest time (It's usually just Drew and I up at this time! I swear this kid never naps!)
3:30-School agers come back
3:30-Snack time!
4-4:30:Most kids are heading home some time in between here....but most days I have a few stragglers who don't go home till 5:00-5:30.

5:30-Feed Drew dinner
6:00-Figure something out for Cole and I to eat. Most times my hubs is not home for dinner. Maybe once a week? Each week varies.
7:00-Clean up dinner, TRY to pick up house
7:30-Pack Cole's lunch, and breakfast for the next morning (yes I have to pack to go to the basement lol. I don't have time in the mornings, and can't come upstairs during the day)
Pack Drew's baby food, ceral, and bottles for the next day
7:50-Make bottles for the night
8:00-Bath time for both boys...quite a process since I still have Drew in an infant this requires two seperate baths!
8:20-8:40-Get Drew in pajamas, then on to Cole in pajamas which is like wrestling a baby alligator! AHHH!! :) Usually by this time Drew is screaming for a bottle!
8:40-9:00-Back downstairs we go....Get Cole a snack and some Nick JR on the TV, and give Drew all his meds! (Zantac, and an antihistimine...poor guy has allergies, that cause eczema on his whole body...but thanks to dermatologist, and allergist he looks amazing! more on that later)
9:00-Put Drew to bed
9:10-TRY to put Cole to bed. He still wants me or my hubs (when he's home) to lay with him to fall asleep! It's a huge PITA, but I do love that time with him :)
On a good night....he's asleep by 10 *yes, entirely too late for a 3 yr old, I totally agree*
10-10:15-Shower for me

My little Drew STILL doens't sleep all I'm back up somewhere between 1am and 3am. SUCKS!!!! My hubs will sometimes do it, if he's home which is nice!

When my husband is home....usually once a week, if we're lucky 2 nights a week...he of course helps with some of the nightly tasks. LOVE when he's home!! Wish it could be more often....but he's gotta work, right? :)
You'll see that there is no time in there that we are outside playing, or me working out! This is the problem friends, I need help! I feel that I have zero time for anything! I need to MAKE time!<center>
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-About me, my family, and our life together 9-13-12

I've been so inspired by a few blogs that I've read, that I decided...why not me? So today is the day! My very first post EVER!

Let me start by introducing myself! My name is Kristen. I am 29,and a mom of 2 boys! Cole, 3 years and Drew, 6 months. I'm a wife to Randy. I run an in-home daycare out of my basement. Now don't let the "work at home" thing fool you! I work long hours 6:30am-5:30pm monday-friday! I work in my basement, so no I'm not in my house watching soaps, and eating bon bons! I literally don't see the "living area" of my house until 5:30pm. Some days I'm exhausted beyond belief, over worked, and underpaid but it's all worth it to be able to stay at home with my boys!

My husband Randy (you'll hear a lot about him) is a firefighter/paramedic..A Tactical Medic on the SWAT team.and also finds it necessary to be on just about every special team across 2 counties! He works 24 hour shifts at one job, and 9 hour shifts at usually on call in the evenings or has a training for one team or another. Moral of the story....I'm alone...A LOT I wouldn't trade him though! He works hard for us, and I adore him for that.

My Boys: Cole Richard, 3 years. Richard is my dads middle name :) Cole just started preschool a week ago! He only goes for 2 hours and 15 minutes...3 days a week...but it's good for him! He needs to learn to follow rules given by someone other than his Mom! Because lets face it, that's not really working out so well! His behavior definitely changed when he turned 3! Woah! But, he's a sweet, smart boy who warms my heart, and keeps me laughing! He is very much his father's son. Love him more everyday!

Drew Scott, 6 months. Scott is my hubs' dads middle name (see what we did there?) Drew is a laid back, sweet baby! He never cries! Has a happy go lucky personality, most of the time! He adores his big brother! Smiles even if Cole just walks by him. It's so cute. Drew is a mover, and a shaker! Trying to crawl, grabbing everything he can get his hands on...and ligfhting up the room with that smile!

My babies are my life....LOVE being a mom!

Since I'm DONE having babies...that's right, got the tubes tied~....I figured it's time to find that body, that I have lost somewhere between 2 kids! I'm determined to look better/feel better and whip this flabby body into shape! But, I definitely need some help getting there!!

So here it goes....LET THE GAMES BEGIN!