Friday, September 14, 2012

Gaining Followers

I began my blog not even 24 hours ago.....but I'm wondering how to gain followers! What do you do? How do people find me? I obviously don't want to write and post pictures just for myself! Although, I do enjoy writing, and it makes my mind work! Thinking of things to post, ideas about the blog etc. So far, I've enjoyed it!

Are most of your followers people you know? Do you post on Fb or Twitter? I have many questions, being brand new to the blogging world! Hmm...

On a different note:
I am having lots of difficulty with time management! I feel that I have no time for working out, no time to get my laundry done, no time to relax in the evenings! How do you find time?
I have this control issue with keep everything scheduled in the evening, and if something doesn't get stresses me beyond belief! Is the key, just giving up this control attitude? Letting things be a mess, and knowing I'll get to it when I get to it? My hubs seems to have that attitude and it drives me nuts! :)
I REALLY don't like spending my weekends cleaning, and doing laundry....but that's the way it goes!  How do moms do it all? I'm not sure we will ever find an answer to that question!

My mom posted this pic on her fb page for me the other day.....and although my hubs didn't find it so's the truth!! I think this our own fault though! Moms aren't happy until EVERYTHING is done! Maybe we do need to relax!

I'm not by any means saying my hubs isn't a big help....I just need to let go a little :)


  1. Hey Kristen! I notice that I get more readers to my page when I leave people comments. Eventually, as people are scrolling down and reading, they could click on your page.

    Also, try to be a consistent blogger.. I used to be so bad at this. Over time, the more I blog, the more my readership goes up.

    I hope that helps! :)