Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A fitness and fashion break through!

I'll start with the fitness part of my random thinking today:
I'm a little all over the place with my post today. I've posted a few times about how I need to MAKE time to work out, but make excuses like.....my baby still doesn't sleep at night, and I'm exhausted! (no joke!), I am already lacking sleep, to be able to get up earlier than I already have to....since we've already been up twice or more in the middle of the night (true story!) blah blah blah. So this morning while getting ready, I was thinking....(that always gets me into trouble lol)

Why not take advantage of the time I DO have? I've talked about my daycare that is in my basement. I basically have two of everything I need in my house. One for the living area, and one for the basement! This just makes for less "stuff" that I have to transport back and fourth. I do spend most of my time in the basement so it makes sense, I think lol.  So here is my revelation.....ask my hubs to move my treadmill to the basement! Then I can pull it out at "rest time" when the kids are sleeping and use that time to at least get some exercise in! Gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

I'm also going to be starting 30 Day Shred soon, since I can no longer ignore the before and after pics I'm seeing some of the girls I follow, post!
There is a pair of jeans in my close twith the tags still on! I WILL wear those jeans to Thanksgiving with my family. That is my short term goal! I realize I have a LONG way to go after I can fit in those jeans...but I have to give myself a realistic goal or I will never succeed! I like to blame the weight on having two kids....but the truth is I was thinner while pregnant with my first son, than I was after I had him....and weighed less during pregnancy with my first son...than I did before I was pregnant with my second!

I've lost some weight in the past 6 weeks...but not anything significant. I'm just frustrated with starting over all the time! I've lost the same 10 pounds about 20 times! haha. So anyway, I think the best solution would be to get my treadmill down here to my dungeon...err ummm daycare!  (it's not a dungeon, it's finished, and pretty comfortable) But I do often feel like a vampire....no windows! lol

Ok, now on to the fashion randomness:
I have always had long hair, and it will continue to be long! However, I have always had it layered. Shorter layers so that it curls easier. It's been blonde, it's been brown, and the natural color is a mix of  dark brown...maybe even closer to black. For the past year it's been brown. I started coloring it at home about a year ago! I had NEVER colored it at home, always went to a salon and paid a million dollars for color and highlights. I need it colored every 3 weeks because it gets so grey! Yes, I'm 29 and have had grey hair since I was 17! sad huh.

So right now, I'm letting the layers grow out....into longer layers, and I'm wanting to leave my hair brown just highlight a little. I'm wanting to highlight myself so that I don't have to go back to the salon. I don't have time for the salon, nor do I want to start spending crazy money again. But I'm nervous! Anyone ever highlighted their dark hair on their own before? How did it go? I'm gonna google it for sure, lol.

I'm a sucker for the Kardashians, and I want Khloe's hair lol....not the color, the length. I feel like the more I layer it, the shorter it is in the front......not digging that. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated!!

Here's what we're dealing with: Don't mind the messy makeup....I work with kids people lol :) So continue to let the layers grow, or cut them? and highlight, or leave it alone? Those are the questions!

And of course here are a few pics of my babies, just because :)


  1. I love your hair! I always have. I think letting the layers grow would be cute!!! Remember high school??? I want that hair (and body) again. We can do it together!!! I found some cool ideas on pinterest to help grow your hair. Spa night???? :)

  2. I saw that on pinterest too! spa night would be fun! highlight the hair or no? hmm

  3. You are going for kloe? She doesn't have highlights does she??? I'm going for low lights. Lol