Thursday, September 13, 2012

-About me, my family, and our life together 9-13-12

I've been so inspired by a few blogs that I've read, that I decided...why not me? So today is the day! My very first post EVER!

Let me start by introducing myself! My name is Kristen. I am 29,and a mom of 2 boys! Cole, 3 years and Drew, 6 months. I'm a wife to Randy. I run an in-home daycare out of my basement. Now don't let the "work at home" thing fool you! I work long hours 6:30am-5:30pm monday-friday! I work in my basement, so no I'm not in my house watching soaps, and eating bon bons! I literally don't see the "living area" of my house until 5:30pm. Some days I'm exhausted beyond belief, over worked, and underpaid but it's all worth it to be able to stay at home with my boys!

My husband Randy (you'll hear a lot about him) is a firefighter/paramedic..A Tactical Medic on the SWAT team.and also finds it necessary to be on just about every special team across 2 counties! He works 24 hour shifts at one job, and 9 hour shifts at usually on call in the evenings or has a training for one team or another. Moral of the story....I'm alone...A LOT I wouldn't trade him though! He works hard for us, and I adore him for that.

My Boys: Cole Richard, 3 years. Richard is my dads middle name :) Cole just started preschool a week ago! He only goes for 2 hours and 15 minutes...3 days a week...but it's good for him! He needs to learn to follow rules given by someone other than his Mom! Because lets face it, that's not really working out so well! His behavior definitely changed when he turned 3! Woah! But, he's a sweet, smart boy who warms my heart, and keeps me laughing! He is very much his father's son. Love him more everyday!

Drew Scott, 6 months. Scott is my hubs' dads middle name (see what we did there?) Drew is a laid back, sweet baby! He never cries! Has a happy go lucky personality, most of the time! He adores his big brother! Smiles even if Cole just walks by him. It's so cute. Drew is a mover, and a shaker! Trying to crawl, grabbing everything he can get his hands on...and ligfhting up the room with that smile!

My babies are my life....LOVE being a mom!

Since I'm DONE having babies...that's right, got the tubes tied~....I figured it's time to find that body, that I have lost somewhere between 2 kids! I'm determined to look better/feel better and whip this flabby body into shape! But, I definitely need some help getting there!!

So here it goes....LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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