Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day in the life

6:30-wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, do makeup (on the days that my daycare kids arrive at 6:30....obviously this schedule is a little earlier! But most days my kids arrive at 7:30)
7:00-Get Cole's clothes for the day picked out
7:10-Wake Drew up. (yes I have to wake him up...hate that) Get him dressed
7:20-Stop at the fridge to grab Cole's lunch box, grab both boys bags, unlock the door for my daycare kids...and head to the basement!
7:30-8 Feed Drew, while kids are arriving. Somewhere between all this, Cole wakes up.
8:00-Feed Cole breakfast, and the daycare kids. Then get Cole dressed.
(on preschool days, Cole leaves for school at 8:40)
8:30-Get 3 school age kiddos off to school
After that, we have a little "preschool" time.....Then the kids and I play, do art projects, or other activities.
11:00-I begin making lunch for everyone
11:30-Cole arrives back home...and everyone eats lunch
12-1- The kids play while I feed Drew lunch, and clean up
1-2:30 or 3-Nap/Rest time (It's usually just Drew and I up at this time! I swear this kid never naps!)
3:30-School agers come back
3:30-Snack time!
4-4:30:Most kids are heading home some time in between here....but most days I have a few stragglers who don't go home till 5:00-5:30.

5:30-Feed Drew dinner
6:00-Figure something out for Cole and I to eat. Most times my hubs is not home for dinner. Maybe once a week? Each week varies.
7:00-Clean up dinner, TRY to pick up house
7:30-Pack Cole's lunch, and breakfast for the next morning (yes I have to pack to go to the basement lol. I don't have time in the mornings, and can't come upstairs during the day)
Pack Drew's baby food, ceral, and bottles for the next day
7:50-Make bottles for the night
8:00-Bath time for both boys...quite a process since I still have Drew in an infant this requires two seperate baths!
8:20-8:40-Get Drew in pajamas, then on to Cole in pajamas which is like wrestling a baby alligator! AHHH!! :) Usually by this time Drew is screaming for a bottle!
8:40-9:00-Back downstairs we go....Get Cole a snack and some Nick JR on the TV, and give Drew all his meds! (Zantac, and an antihistimine...poor guy has allergies, that cause eczema on his whole body...but thanks to dermatologist, and allergist he looks amazing! more on that later)
9:00-Put Drew to bed
9:10-TRY to put Cole to bed. He still wants me or my hubs (when he's home) to lay with him to fall asleep! It's a huge PITA, but I do love that time with him :)
On a good night....he's asleep by 10 *yes, entirely too late for a 3 yr old, I totally agree*
10-10:15-Shower for me

My little Drew STILL doens't sleep all I'm back up somewhere between 1am and 3am. SUCKS!!!! My hubs will sometimes do it, if he's home which is nice!

When my husband is home....usually once a week, if we're lucky 2 nights a week...he of course helps with some of the nightly tasks. LOVE when he's home!! Wish it could be more often....but he's gotta work, right? :)
You'll see that there is no time in there that we are outside playing, or me working out! This is the problem friends, I need help! I feel that I have zero time for anything! I need to MAKE time!<center>
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  1. How old is your little Drew? My 9 month old is waking up still as well. Boo.

    You are one busy mama. Thanks for linking up today! :)

  2. Drew will be 6 months on Monday! You are a busy mama too!! I can't believe you get both kids dropped off by 6 am! Super mom! I just found your blog today! Love it!