Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weight-loss Reality

This weight-loss journey gets me down sometimes! I've fallen off the wagon the past two weeks, and then I think "did you enjoy that pizza?" because now you have even more work to do! I've been eating poorly, and for what reason? Just because I wanted to! SO FRUSTRATING!! After talking with a friend yesterday, I started thinking. What do I want to achieve with this journey? My wants are very simple really....

My weight-loss wish list:

I want to be able to wear shorts! Somewhere in this weight gain, I lost my knees. I would like to find those, and then wear shorts again!

I want to fit in the clothes that are in my closet!

I want to feel good about myself again

I want to look good again

I want to have more energy

I don't really care what the scale says....as long as I'm happy with how I look and feel

I don't want to stay home anymore, because I can't stand the thought of people seeing what I look like now.

I want to be excited to get "dressed up"

I want every part of my body to stop hurting, when I do even the smallest bit of physical activity

I want my husband to be proud of me, for sticking to it.

I don't think those things are very unrealistic....I can do that....right? I just need that extra push sometimes. It seems once you fall off the wagon, it's that much harder to get back on! As Halloween approaches, I always think back to right after I started dating my hubs. We went to a Halloween party....and I felt good about myself then. I had just lost about 15 pounds, still in college, worked part time, spent way too much time tanning, and I was happy. Not a care in the world, when you think about it.  Someone took a pic of us that night, and I LOVE the picture, I always have. Now when I look at it, I think....thats what I want to look like again! (Minus all the tanning) 
I wasn't "skinny" in this picture. The pants are a size 13!, and the shirt was a large. But I felt good! I'm short, and I've always had some "junk in the trunk" but in a good way....Now the junk is way too much...but then I liked it! This just proves my point! I don't care about the size of the clothes, or the number on the scale....I just want to look good, and feel good with what I see! I really have no words, about my hubs in this pic, LoL
Another pic, around the same time. Again, not skinny....a size 12-13 but I'm ok with that....and for my heigth, and butt.....that's skinny! :)
And one more pic....about the same size....with bleachy blonde street-walker-like hair! But I had cheek bones!! ahhh....the little things I miss! I'll get there again....just need to get my big butt in gear!!
And here is me today....Where did those cheek bones go?? Wow....got lots of work to do!
2 babies, and 5 years of eating crap, and not moving your body and this is what you get! Reality sucks sometimes!!


  1. You will get there!! I have total faith in you!!! And we WILL do this together!! We will look like we want tp again!!! :)

  2. Those are great goals. I am in a funk, too. I finished the Shred and have been eating like garbage since. Such a vicious cycle. Get back on the wagon tomorrow. We can do this! :)