Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Story Link-Up

I'm posting twice today, you're welcome :) I couldn't pass up the love story link-up!

Once upon a time, 7 years ago.....I worked at daycare in the town I now live in. The daycare is actually less than a mile from my house now...anyway.....Our little town has this festival called d "Brimfest" We live in Brimfield. Clever right? Anyway....this festival has local business set up booths, there is fair food, and rides. It's very small, and nothing to be excited about, and I had never gone before. But my friend was babysitting that night, and begged me to meet her there. So I did.

The Fire Department had a booth there were they were selling sausage sandwiches. That just cracks me up, lol. They do it every year. My hubs was not there at the beginning of the night, but showed up later, drunk I might add. He had been at a golf outing. My friend and I started talking to my hubs friend first. Well he started talking to us. By this time we had taken the child my friend was babysitting home to his don't be alarmed :)

My hubs friend Aaron.....introduced me to at that time "drunk Randy" He wasn't completely drunk...but you could tell he had been having fun, lol. He didn't really show any interest in me. He talked to me, but that was about it. I thought he was funny...and at that point since I'd known him 5 min, that was all. By this time we had basically been talking to half the fire department in a giant circle. C'mon who doesn't love firefighters? They are nice, and funny, and well, cute.

Then two of them invited my friend and I to a bonfire at their house. Now, today....if people I had met an hour ago invited me to their house, I would be like...ummm you could be a serial killer and I prob wouldn't go. But my barely 22 year old self....went!

We had a blast. I have never laughed so much in my life. Again, Randy was nice to me, and talked to me, but didn't act any different towards me than he did my friends. But, by the end of that night....I liked him. The moment of that night that makes me laugh the most is when he has his back to a giant bonfire, holding a captain and coke in one hand, and throwing gasoline on the fire from a 2 litre bottle in the other, behind him, and flames as tall as a two story building shooting up behind him,  and he just kept right on talking. LOL

The next day was Sunday, and he had to work. The fire dept was right in the middle of that festival I met him at the night before. So of course my friend and I had to go back to the fire dept festival. Finally we got up enough nerve to go say hi. He was again very nice....but gave me nothing to go on! lol. He mentioned that he was going to have a party at his house in two weeks, and said he would let us know. Well my friend kinda sorta started dating his friend Aaron. Well Aaron told my friend about the party, and my so-called friend was supposed to take me with them. That was the agreement. Only she screwed me over and didn't answer the phone, and never called me. Went to the party without me because she wanted this other friend, whom my husband later nick-named "Train Wreck" to date Randy. At 2 am I get a phone call from him...asking where I was. I told him what had happened. I later found out he spent 2 hours trying to get my number from this so-called friend who then finally at 2 am gave it to him. Some friend huh. He told me he was going to have another party when he was off in 2 weeks, and he'd call me.

Well after a week I got tired of waiting. He said it would be 2 weeks, but I still kinda thought he would call in between. Not so much, lol. So finally, I gave in and called him. We talked for 4 hours....and have talked every night since! We got engaged after 10 months of dating, but were engaged for 2 years before our wedding in 2008. We were married in May, and I was pregnant with Cole in July. Randy is 8.5 years older than me so we had to move quick! :)  Now if you're wondering about that friend and Randy's friend....they dated on and off for about a month, then it was done. She still talks to us every now and then, and is fb friends with us....I keep it that way just so she can see how great of a move she made trying to keep us apart. Jokes on you sucka!

I'm thankful everyday for my hubs even though he drives me crazy sometimes. He seriously changed my life. Made me feel like I deserved to have someone really love me. At lets be honest here, you know he loves me or he wouldn't put up with me! :) But because I had to call him first, I tell him to this day....I love him more than he loves me, haha. The rest as they say, is history! :)

Non-Scale Victories....and a few other things!

Last week I wasn't able to link-up, because I had no non-scale victories! Today, I have only a couple....but I still have some right?

1. I'm eating a ton less than I used to, and I don't really feel hungry! However, this does worry me a bit. Does this mean I'm not burning any calories? Am, I not starting my metabolism? Or am I just not hungry? Hmm.

2. Two nights in a row....we ate out. Well take out. I know....lazy girl over here didn't cook two nights in a row! One night we had Bob Evans.....I ordered grilled chicken plain, green beans, and mashed potatoes, no gravy. This is what I have always ordered. Only this time.....I had half of it to eat for lunch the next day! Then last night we had spaghetti from this little Italian restaurant that I love! I had spaghetti, and garlic bread. Only, instead of gorging myself and eating it ALL....I was able to feed Cole from my spaghetti, so much that he had two plates full, and he had my garlic bread too!  and I still have some spaghetti in the refrigerator!Yay for not eating till I can't move!! :)

Lately, it seems all I write about is my sick kids! Lucky for you, it doesn't stop today! My kiddos are my life so they are the majority of my posts....I'm not sorry about that  :)  Anyway......Cole and Drew were both down with a fever, not eating, just feeling blah. Cole is better now, and went to preschool today! yay. Drew's fever went away sometime early last week....but he still wouldn't eat....would only take bottles. Then Monday...he threw up twice, and had the ummm.....well other stuff twice also! :( If you know me at all, you know that throwing up is my biggest fear! I HATE IT. So yesterday, Drew was fine. No throwing up or any other stuff....still wouldn't eat, but was drinking.....just acted tired. I thought we were on the mend....then at 6:30 am this morning.....he had a diaper blowout again! Seriously? 30 hours with nothing, then bam! So I'm just holding my breath, and knocking on every piece of wood I can find that Cole doesn't get that mess next! Yikes!!! Mama is stressed beyond the max! 

BTW: An update on my Dr. issues. I went back to my old DR for a second opinion., I don't need the scope right now. I'm on iron now, and then they will check my levels again in 5 weeks, to see if they are increasing. Iron is a BITCH people. I hope you never have to take it! Very hard on the tummy :( That is all! Happy Thursday!!! Please send healthy vibes my way!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

I've hit a low. I can't get to my computer today, so I'm blogging from my phone! It's not real easy, but it's convenient! Today is weigh-in Wednesday! I'm not sure how I'm going to link up from my phone, but I'll figure that out later!

I lost 2 pounds this time around. Not a lot, but at least the scale is moving! Especially since my workouts have been less than productive! (Darn you Jillian)

I've also been doing a little more cheating than I should! That stuff catches up with you! Who am I kidding? It's not like the way my body looks doesn't tell people in not living on veggies! But you'll have that.

My goal was to lose 10 more pounds by Drew's first birthday party. I've got 3 more weeks and 8 pounds to go....yikes!

I can't tell how long this post is when posting from my phone, so today like most days lately...this is a pretty weak post! Thank you to those who are sticking with me! It's been a rough month. With my kids being sick non stop, my routine is messed up and haven't had the chance to prepare! Ive had a friend covering my daycare on and off so I could take care of my sick kids, Ive also had to close twice this month which never happens! Hopefully March will be better!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 I really wish I had interesting topics to "write" about each day. But, I don't. Sorry blog friends. I started this blog to write about my family....and that's pretty much what I do.....with a little weight loss, and makeup thrown in!! haha.

Where do all of you get your blog topics from? Do things just hit you, or do you plan it out? In the beginning, not gonna lie....I spent my evenings doing "homework" thinking of things to write about and making sure I had pics to back the post up! lol. Now obviously, I put less work into it. I end up posting later in the mornings, because things get a little crazy here sometimes, and I now watch an infant that requires more attention than the other kids that can do an art project while I blog! Ssh!

I link up for 2 posts a week......maybe that's what I need to do. Find a link up for all 5 days! haha. I'm hoping some inspiration hits me soon!

Until'll just have to hear about how Drew is ALMOST walking! He's pushing his toys around, and walking behind them! Cole walked at 11 months, so Drew is already 2 weeks behind! I told him he has until his bday party on March 16, to get it together! haha. Not really.....well kinda :)

Cole is still not 100%. No fever, but still very sleepy, however he did eat half a piece of toast today! progress!

I saw my new Dr again yesterday for bloodwork results. Still very anemic and she wants me to have a scope done to check if I have a malabsorbtion problem. I'm not comfortable with that yet. I don't like the new Dr....and why check to see if I can't absorb iron when you haven't had me try to absorb any first??  I've been anemic for years, first found out about it during my first pregnancy 5 years ago. I've known I need to take iron since then but don't because it hurts my stomach so bad. So obviously 5 years later, without doing anything for the iron level is going to lead to an even lower iron level. My new dr really dud nothing for me. She didn't ask about my diet, or anything. I came home and became a google Dr of course, and found that I do not eat ANY iron enrichment foods, and all the foods that deplete iron, I basically live on! I'm going back to my OLD Dr (only left because he couldn't get me in for a month, today he got me in fine, hmm, lol) for a second opinion. I feel like this scope...should be done after we've tried the obvious. Opinions? Anyone have experience with iron deficiency, anemia? I'm stressing out!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Photos

This weekend was slightly better than last weekend. Although, just like last of my kids got sick! AHHHH will it ever end?? Cole had a fever all day yesterday, won't eat, the whole nine yards. :(  Hate it when my kiddos are sick. Breaks my heart!
My sick boy. Hate it. His fever has broken for now, but still won't eat. Nothing worse than sick kiddos! On a good note, I think Drew is FINALLY feeling better!!
Pretty happy guy, right? BTW before anyone asks....he's not playing with an electric cord. It's the cord to a remote control's not plugged into anything! Geesh :)
Saturday was a pretty good day, sunday is when the sickness set in! Saturday we took a shopping trip to Sams Club. We don't go there often, but we really should! Umm, we spent $450! But $139 of it was on this gigantic raft that my hubs had to have for this summer at my parents lake house. Cole is obsessed with it to say the least!
I also got a new spring purse. I loooked at it, then walked away. When we were loading the truck I found it in the cart, my hubs picked it up without me looking :)
I had a little"me time" saturday morning. I'm a girly girl at heart, even though I'm obsessed with Duck Dynasty because I feel like it's my life when I go back "home" to visit the rest of my family. We moved an hour and half away from everyone when I was 15. So if saying I feel like Duck Dynasty is based off my life doesn't give you an idea about my roots, than I don't know what else to say :) anyway, aside from the country life....I love getting my nails done. I had my nails done for 8 years straight. Then 4 months ago I decided I would take them off for a while. That didn't last long. Saturday, I couldn't take it anymore....and got those bad boys done again! I feel complete once again! haha :)
After our gigantic trip to Sams Club, it was time to clean out our pantry. I had a ton of baby food that Drew hasn't touched in months. I finally bagged it all  up and gave it to my neighbor. I felt like we hit a milestone with Drew at that moment! Hard to believe that my last baby, is now done with babyfood! time flies!
This obviously, made my neighbor very happy! That's a ton of money right there on that shelf! lol. But, I'm glad it didn't go to waste, and went to someone who can use it!
My goal for next weekend, is for everyone in my house to be HEALTHY!!! What did you do this weekend?


Friday, February 22, 2013

Jillian: I.HATE.YOU

Last night I did 30DS for the first time EVER. Let me just say, I was expecting hard, I wasn't expecting my knees to be exploding after the first 5 minutes! Unfortunately, I watched probably more than half of it, and chimed in where I could. Very discouraging! It was a slap in the face of "hey, you shouldn't have gained 50 pounds, because now you are moving like an 80 yr old woman" Ouch.

I also want to add that when Jillian said "no resting" I wanted to reach through the tv screen, and smack her across the face! I had the same feeling when she stated "if someone who's 400 pounds can do it, you can do it" Jillian and I are NOT. FRIENDS. I did find this pic of her though, which made me happy.
I may try level 2 since some of you have mentioned that it's easier on the knees.....but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to hang at level 2 yet either! I've got A LOT of work to do! Yikes. I had my own little drill Sargent by my side! Cole kept saying things like "mom do that" "mom, why those girls doing it, and you're not?" "Mom, cmon, do that" "mom you need these weights" AHHH I'm trying son! Mom can't move!  At one point, I laid on the floor and watched, lol. It was an epic fail, and a disappointment in what I've let myself become! ho hum. Will the sore knees get better?

My hubs always says my mom is my worst critic. She says things, and they come out in a not so nice way, whether she means them that way or not......yesterday.....she said "you're losing something, you're getting smaller" That is a huge complement coming from her! So I didn't feel completely useless, lol. However, I do feel like I'm not losing at near the speed I should be! GRRR
   True story for me!! I'm doing a lot better with that though. Aside from the past two days, if you've seen my keeks! In a way I'm excited to get better at working out, and getting stronger, and in another way I'm scared to death!!! 
I've got such a long way to go.....but nowhere to go but up from here with the working out stuff!! 

I was in  an ecard kinda mood today. Have a great weekend blog friends......and I'll be waiting for the rap keek off tonight! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Preschool Decisions

I'm ashamed to report that I am not linking up for Non-Scale Victories today because well.....I have none! I have been slacking. I mentioned yesterday that I will eat bad food, and then not eat till dinner in order to preserve calories! BAD HABITS. Little things like this are  happening, and I'm not proud of until I correct the problem, I don't feel like I have any victories to write about! :(  I'm actually eating a piece of pizza right now. Yes, it's 8:45 AM.

Moving on....basically because I can't stand to write about how much I've screwed up anymore!

I've having some trouble with Cole (4 yrs in April) not wanting to go to preschool. He goes to school 3 days a week for 2.5 hours a day. That's very part-time, lol. He goes to an actual preschool, not a daycare with a preschool program. So all the children are coming and going at the same time. He tells me each morning he doesn't want to go. He goes, but I still have a hard time sending him, when he's telling me he doesn't want to go. Having taught preschool, for 6  years, and working in many daycares during high school, and college.....usually when the kids don't want to go to's because they are having some sort of trouble there. Either they got in trouble the day before about something, they don't like their teacher, or they are having a problem with a classmate. Not always the case, but usually there is a reason.

This of course makes me wonder when Cole is telling me he doesn't want to go. Although, this isn't new....he has always said he doesn't want to go. I don't take him to school myself, my mom takes him on the days my hubs is at work. Something dawned on me this morning however. I have 3 school age boys here in the mornings, plus my reg daycare kids. The boys were all playing with paper airplanes, and bouncing around. They leave at 8:30 for school, which is the same time Cole leaves. But, my mom starts trying to get Cole ready to go about 8:20....when the boys are still here. It hit me today, that Cole may just not want to leave a house full of kids, and go to school. I'm betting that his classmates don't leave a house full of kids to play with, and Cole does. He has told me he doesn't like his "school friends" he just likes his "daycare friends". Well do you consider it daycare when it's your house? lol. So I think we may have found the problem. It's not necessarily school he doesn't like, it's leaving his friends at home that he doesn't like. Understandable! I do feel a little better now.

I'm struggling with what I'm going to do for a Pre-K program for him. Our local school district has an all day preschool. That is in our middle school, that runs 9-3  four days a week. You can go 2 days or 4 days. Part  of me thinks this would be good for him. Getting used to a full school day, and going to school in our district where he would be meeting kids that he would most likely be going to Kindergarten with. But, the other part of me thinks he's not ready for a full day like that, and I should keep him at his school he's at, where he already has friends.....and where he does have one classmate that will go to his school for kindergarten as well. The school he attends now is in our church. Although it's only 10 mins from our house, it's a different school district. Majority of those students he goes to school with will not be in the same district for Kindergarten.

I'm sure I'm over-thinking all of this.....but it's important that I make the best decision for Cole. I want him to be comfortable, and to be honest....I don't know if I'm ready for him to be gone all day! Pathetic, I know. But, time is running out and registration processes are already beginning, and I need to make a decision! AHH. Being a parent is tough, lol. 9-3 too long of a day for a 4 year old?

My happy boy before his Doctors appointment yesterday. I may or may not have bribed him with a milkshake to be good at the Doctor !  :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

A small loss of 1 pound since last wednesday, but it's still a loss so I'll take it! I'm still struggling with the amount I want to lose, but I'm gonna keep on keepin on. I was hoping to achieve 50 pounds by June....When I started in January. I thought I had it figured out, it was 2 pounds a week for 6 months.....but my 8 week mess of losing nothing pretty much messed that up!

I was sick last week, I'm sure you've noticed me whining talking about it a lot. So my crawls on the treadmill have been non-existant! I did buy the 30 DS but have yet to start it, again I'm blaming getting sick. I need to get on that. Everyone could use a good butt-kicking once in a while right?!?  and from what I hear Jillian is just the girl to do it!

Pretty much!! LOL

I've been slacking on some of my healthy choices. Not completely going back to bad habits, but doing things I know I shouldn't. One of the big ones being, not eating breakfast! I am also a calorie hoarder. I will not eat for long periods of time in order to "save " calories so that I can eat bad food! I KNOW this is terrible. I'm well aware.......but I see that bad habit creeping back in a lot these days. And to be completely honest.....thats how I finally saw a drop in the scale. So I definitely need to fix that!!
Change is not easy, it's hard work.....and it's a full time job! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with it....but, what is the alternative? Continue to be unhappy with myself? No, thank you!
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

100th Post!

Today is my 100th post! It's nothing like how I dreamed it would be, when I entered the blog world! I dreamed of a giveaway, and having some wonderfully written, exciting post for that day. Instead, I'm just now getting a post up at approx. 3:30 pm, I still haven't figured out where to start to even plan a giveaway, and well....I've got no exciting topic to write about!

Yesterday, I mentioned how glad I was that it was Monday, and that the weekend was over. Ummm I take that back, well kinda.
My Mom took Drew to the Dr for me yesterday, because he was running a temp again (did this 3 wks ago too) and time he was also stuffy. Like, bad stuffy. Anyway my Mom calls me frantic when leaving the Dr (my mom is always a little frantic) saying that the Dr was sending Drew to the ER for a chest xray! WHAT? I'm thinking, not again. Poor dude was in the hospital at 6 weeks old for 6 days with bronchiolitis, and we've already been down this road with the chest xrays. That time was literally one of the worst experiences of my life. It really did change my outlook on life, and how I treat others. How I take the time to listen to people, offer support, and truly care about their children, and families. I know I needed that support during that time, and don't think for a second I don't remember who was there for me and who wasn't.  ANYWAY, back on I freak....I take him to the ER. My hubs was on shift and meets me there, thank goodness. The place is PACKED. We waited in the waiting room for 2.5 hours, and then another 4 hours once we got a room. We were there from 2:30-10! INSANE.
Drew had to get an IV for fluids because he was dehydrated, he had a 104 temp again, and his heart rate was 200 when we got there! The heart rate became the issue for everyone. Up to 160 is ok when you're sick...but 200 is not....and 120 is ideally where it is supposed to be. He did go down after fluids which is what they said would happen...but he was still bouncing around in the 140-150's.....but babies do that when they are 1. sick 2. especially with a fever, even though at that time his fever had broken...but does come back. But we were released....and he has to go back to his Dr for a follow up in 2 days.  So, my hubs goes back to work, and I headed home with Drew. Gonna be honest, this kid has tested my strength since he was 6 weeks old....and I've gotten pretty good at monitoring things for him, and feel like I'm on the ball with it...but last night...I was a little taken back, and didn't really wanna be alone with him last night. But, I did it, and we did fine....but something just made me want company last night. Maybe because it's just been a rough week.....between me being sick last week, and then Drew, and that fact that I fear that my daycare will soon get the flu...and we all know I HATE THE FLU. I guess it all just boils down to STRESS and it just all finally hit me.

After I got home from the ER at 10:30 pm alone, well with Drew of course. I sat down for a second, to finally eat something....and that baby who was just laying around and crying at the ER before fluids....was now taking a bottle, crawling around, standing up, and trying to grab my nice huge well deserved coke from my hands! He was pointing at me, and laughing...and carrying on. I didn't get him to bed until 11:30 and I didn't even care. It was all worth it to me to have my little man back. His fever actually stopped for the night, it came back a little at 8:30 this morning....but he did great through the night. I'm very thankful for that. Today? He's playing, laughing, and chugging pedialite. Not so down with his formula. He's drinking some but not a lot. and he's not really wanting food. But all is good right now. I'm really praying it stays that way.

Sorry for the wordy post. I kinda hate wordy posts. I like big fonts, and small paragraphs. I guess it's the 4th grader in me! Definitely not your ideal 100th post. Maybe after I get my new super cool blog design in March, I'll figure out that whole giveaway business! :) Yes, I'm very excited about the new blog. Hopefully for tomorrow, I'll have a a good weigh-in Wednesday to report on! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Worst Weekend EVER!!

Worst weekend ever!!! I got the flu thursday night, it lasted till saturday. I finally felt normal sunday, only to have Drew start running a fever AGAIN, and a stuffy mess!!Just a few minutes ago, he started shivering! Sounds like flu symptoms to me! Ahhh! I'm so tired of sickness, and being out of routine! I don't handle things being changed on me very well.

I got nothing accomplished this weekend, I'm feeling very overwhelmed from that.My house is a complete disaster, and laundry is piled as high as the eye can see....and it stresses me! But on a good note, thanks to old Mr. Flu....I've lost 9 pounds since tuesday! Holla! I'll take what I can get! haha.

I've never been so excited to see a Monday in my life! Ready to try and get back in the swing of things, and one else gets sick! I'm sure I just jinxed myself by saying that! Do you take an 11 month old to the Dr. for fever, runny nose, shivering? I took him to the ER three weeks ago with a 104 temp and they told me it was a virus that had to run it's course...and did nothing for, I don't know what to do this time around. I wouldn't go to the Dr as an adult for flu like symptoms, but debating on if Drew needs to go.

Hopefully at naptime today I'll get to catch up on all the posts I missed on thursday and friday, and I'll also get to read about all of your wonderfully, exciting weekends! I'll dream about how I wish I would have actually been able to leave the house this weekend! haha. Have a good monday!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday

Holla at ya Weigh-in Wednesday! Today I'm finally happy with what I saw on the scale! Down 6 pounds! Yesterday I went to the Dr.....and I'm 6 pounds lighter than their scale said yesterday, and 4 pounds lighter than what my scale said yesterday. Either way....I'm down. Obviously my body fluctuates A LOT.....but moral of the story is.....I have broken out of those measly 3 pounds that I kept going back and fourth with!!! PRAISE THE WEIGHT LOSS GODS!!!!!

I FINALLY bought the 30DS yesterday. Plan on starting tonight. I'm bored with the treadmill, and don't feel that I'm fast enough to be accomplishing anything I'm gonna change up my routine a little and see what happens! Also, my advocare 10 day herbal cleanse came in the mail yesterday! I plan on starting that on sunday. I'm so happy, that I have broken the 3 pound curse....FINALLY!!!!!

Now on to my Doctors appointment update:
As some of you know, I went to the Dr yesterday for swelling issues on my right side. That Dr is now sending me to a specialist, an Edemiologist. A Dr that specializes in circulation issues, edema, and lymphedema. The Dr. thinks I may have what is called "Lymphatic backup" meaning....I have a lymphatic system that is not realeasing fluids on the right side. I'm also extremely anemic....(almost had to have blood transfusions w both my csections, I'm that bad) .....anemia can cause  low protein levels in the blood.....low protein levels in the blood can cause edema (swelling) ....edema can then cause water and salt retention. Sometimes the affected area can weigh 5-7 pounds! In my case...the leg is the biggest problem. This may be where my scale issues are coming into play. I've been dieting and working out for 8 weeks, only to play around with the same 3 pounds (until today) But my hubs and my mom have both said that I "look better" Well now we have found out....that I may in fact be losing weight...but depending on how much swelling I have when I step on the scale....the weight-loss may or may NOT show. I should clarify that the difference between edema, and lymphedema are that....edema can affect the whole body, lymphedema just affects the leg. Now, we don't know if I actually have either of these. But regardless....I still need to see this circulation Dr to find out for sure. When you look up pictures of is SUPER SCARY! These people have things the size of small children hanging on their leg! They are red, some have sores....just not good looking stuff. I do NOT have any of that. I have a swollen leg. No pain, no redness, no sores.....and I certainly do not have something the size of texas on my leg. So I'm fairly confident, I do not have lymphedema...but there is definitely some fluid backup.

Treatment: Sometimes a water pill can be the answer...I'm betting on this. I definitely have some water retention issues...hence the 6 pound change on the scale in 1 day. Another treatment is massage. I am a firm believer in maso-therapy. I used to go a lot before I had kids. Now I need it more than ever. When you have fluid backup...massaging the area and "waking" it a great thing. It gets the juices flowing again so-to-speak. Good signs when you are massaging is if an area gets hot, or starts itching. That means it's coming back to life! Last night I was doing some massage to a few areas....and I was getting the itching feeling in many places...and today....I feel less swollen, and then I had that nice surprise on the scale. Sometimes meds are not the answer!! But in this case,  I'm hoping a water pill, and some good old fashioned massage will fix the problem! I can totally use this as an excuse with my hubs right? :)

I know this was probably a super boring post to some of you.....but to some maybe it will be helpful! Happy Hump Day!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

29 going on 80!

Today I have a Drs appointment to address some swelling I have on the right side. By swelling I don't mean a little bump.....I mean my butt ( sorry), my thigh, my knee, and under my knee are HUGE constantly. This is all on my right side. Occassionally my right arm will swell too....and sometimes my ankle. Ive had an ultrasound for a blood clot, and I do NOT have thank goodness for that .....but that still leaves the question of "why"  The right side, is probably twice the size of my left and its worst times. It's not always "bad" but it's always swollen. Some days are better than others...but always there.

A little back story on my 29 year old body, that is in the shape of an 80 year olds:

I have a curved spine, and uneven hips! The uneven hips can be put back in place with the chiropractor, but easily get out of whack again. But when they are causes me to put all my weight on the right leg.....causing my right heel to hurt BAD since it's carrying everything around. I also believe this is where some of the knee swelling is coming from. Thats a lot of weight on one side. I hurt to be touched. My husband will just poke my arm, playing around and 15 mins later I can still feel where he touched. I'm in bad shape. I know the weight isn't helping.

I've recently started trying to do the treadmill at least 4 times a week. I'm not kidding when I tell you, IT. KILLS.ME It hurts so bad. I'm not talking a good hurt either. I can barely walk by the time I go to bed at night. And I feel it for 2 days after. But for a few weeks, even though I was hurting the next day....I kept doing it because I need the exercise. Well I think that was a bad move, because now my right side is bigger than it ever has been!

Hopefully today, I get some answers....and we can figure out how to stop this from happening, and start dropping some pounds! Holla! That's about all I have today....I'm a little nervous about this I'm sure I'll be updating tomorrow :)

BTW: I'm getting a Hubby Jack Blog Design in March, and I CAN'T WAIT!! :) All the cool kids are doing it!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump!

My hubs woke up this morning at 5 am saying he has the flu! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate the flu! Seriously, give me ANYTHING....strep throat, sinus infection...whatev....just NOT. THE. FLU. Praying my kids, and myself don't get it!

Moving on, to that Weekend Recap you all look so forward to! :)

I pretty much did absolutely nothing this weekend, other than housework. My hubs worked his 24 hour shift on my parents kept my boys, and I went to the grocery store alone! It was amazing! lol.

Worked on valentines with Cole on saturday night.....

and then Drew decided I had too much time on my hands and thought he'd give me a little mess to clean up....

I guess spaghetti o's are better on the wall, and the floor! :)  (Sorry to those of you who follow me on instagram, and have already seen these pics) Sunday we went out to dinner with our neighbors/friends. Other than that, we didn't leave the house all day! Which to some would sound great, but to me....who works at home....on the weekends, I look forward to leaving the house!

To those of you who suggested I let Drew cry it out during the night......We finally started that last wednesday night...and he hasn't had a bottle during the night since then! So, thank you! We had one night where he cried for 40 mins! that was friday night....but since then he will wake up and fuss for maybe 15 mins but then back to sleep! I cannot tell you how much better it feels to actually get some sleep at night! He's doing great! Thank you for the advice!!

Doctors appointment for me tomorrow, to discuss why this weight isn't coming off this time around, and talk about some circulation/swelling problems I'm having. Yikes!

Hope everyone has a good monday!

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything!

It must be a holiday or something.......DREW SLEPT ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT! The first time in 10 months I haven't fed this kid a bottle, or 3! I'm super excited. I just hope it sticks!!! I will be the worlds happiest mom EVER if I get to actually sleep the whole night again! I won't know what to do with myself! The hubs and I always joke that our kids hate us, because of their sleep habits! :) 

Sometimes I feel like my kids have a conspiracy against me ! :) But I wouldn't change a being a Mom!

Ok now for a not so sappy statement:
Did you see that Honey Booboo's mom (AKA JUNE, MAMA) lost 115 pounds!!!! WTH?!?!? I can't lose more than 3 pounds but MAMA can lose 115? That is just NOT.EVEN.RIGHT.

I'm behind on watching the new season. I don't DVR it anymore....and I don't know what night it's these days if I happen to see it on, I watch....if not...I don't get to see it! I can't help it, I like this show. It disgusts me....but I watch it. lol

I jinxed myself this morning by saying I was going to have an "easy day"  it has been everything but easy! I've been busy today! Which is why it's like 5 hours past when I usually blog! But, it's Friday, so it's all good!

My little Drew turns 1 on St. Patrick's Day!! So of course he's having a St. Patrick's Day themed party!! So today he had a photo shoot for his invitations! I have to share one of my faves!

I seriously had to take 32 pictures to get a half way decent one of him with the hat on! That boy can whip a hat right off his head in a split second! I edited this one on the real thing is not this blurry....but I got the invitation done, and I did accomplish SOMETHING today!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Non-Scale Victories #3, and some randoms

First, let's start with the "Non-Scale Victories" I covered most of this yesterday with "Weigh-in Wednesday" Poor planning on my part! :) Ok, so as a little recap.....I'm happy with the fact that may arms are slimming down, and my face is thinning out. I'm not hating my hips....they are ok .....for now. I did lose a pound...but still not out of my 3 pound back and fourth business. That's about all I have for this weeks "Non-scale victories" because I have not been the best with my eating choices this week! EEEEK!!!

I mentioned in a Keek yesterday  (Kristenporter161, if you're interested in the randomness I keek about) that my body can fluctuate like 5 pounds in a day! Messed up! Here's some proof!
The left is yesterday. (I already posted this, I know) and the right is today. Now is it just me or do I look like a busted can of biscuits yesterday...and today not as bad? I'm in the same room, same mirror....maybe I did a different angle or something?? But, I don't think so.....Maybe it's the shirt? I don't know. But I see a difference. Maybe I'm nuts. I don't know how I got so lucky for this mess to happen to everyday, lol. *Yes, I posed the exact same way, so that you could get the full effect, you're welcome*

I didn't work out AT ALL last night. I've said my body is messed up. What I mean by that is....I have a crooked pelvis, nice huh? The main reason why both of my babies were C-section.  My hips go uneven very easily, causing me to put all my weight on the right leg, my whole leg swells, knee swells, back hurts, and many other fun things like that. The treadmill just about kills me....but it must be done! Last night, I was hurting so bad, I couldn't put myself through what did I do...ate some spaghetti. I'm making some awesome choices the past few days. :(  Anyway, hoping to get into the chiropractor today, and get some relief!

Since I was hurting pretty bad last night....I didn't clean up the kitchen, or the living room...and just didn't care. This morning when I came downstairs....that mess was staring me in the face! I tend to stress a little when that happens! So tonight, I will be cleaning up a 2 day old mess! and reminding myself of why I shouldn't skip a night, lol. But I really wish this would happen....
But he's been at work for 5 days I don't think that when he finally gets to come home tonight that he'll be jumping up and down to do dishes. I'm just guessing.....but I'm pretty sure he won't! :)  It's friday dog!  (I may or may not watch too much Mickey Mouse Club, yikes).

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

I'm really bad at staying off the scale. I stayed completely away from it for a year, and now that I faced my fear 6 weeks ago, I can't seem to stay off the darn thing! My hubs jokes that he is going to lock it up and only let me have it back for weigh-in Wednesday. Maybe that's a good idea! I was on the scale saturday....and from saturday to today, I've lost 1 pound. That really doesn't mean anything to me because my body is so screwed up. I can gain up to 5 pounds in one day by changing absolutely nothing. How nice right? But hey, a loss is a loss. I'll take it. Still not out of the range of those 3 pounds I keep going back and fourth with....but the day that happens I will REJOICE! lol.
I've been getting a little carless this week, probably because I'm frustrated with not really losing. That makes a ton of sense, I know. You're not losing, so hey let's eat crap! Made sense at the time, lol. So I guess right now I should be SUPER thankful for losing that 1 pound!
My plan is to change up the workout a little. The dreadmill is where I need to be because I need the cardio...but I'm thinking about breaking that up a little. Maybe 15 min something else....15 min on dreadmill again? Thoughts?
Seriously, this is what has almost happened to me 46 times just by trying to change the song on my ipod! No joke. My goal for next week is to break out of this 3 pound barrier!!! C'mon!!! The good news is, I'm noticing little differences as far as inches...just not really on the scale.

I'm happy with what's happening on the top. My arms are slimming down, and through my face and neck...but that midsection is still a sight for sore eyes. Never get pregnant twice in 2 years people, NEVER lol. I'm actually not even hating my hips....I'm ok with them...but the belly must go!'s to another week of being healthier! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

John Ross.....and Weight Loss!

Today is Tuesday so that means yesterday was Monday....and what's on TV on Monday night?? DALLAS! My love John Ross was lookin as goooood as usual. Anyone else watch Dallas? I know it's on the same night as the Bachelor, so they probably lose a lot of viewers for that reason. But, I would watch my love any day over the bachelor! :)

John Ross Ewing III-Josh Henderson - john-ross-ewing Photo

Wow, just take a minute and look at him. LoL. Alright, Alright. The show was of course good last night! I don't think I've ever seen a "bad" episoide. Anne got a little crazy! Dallas is the only show I watch that is NOT a reality show! My parents own an oil and gas company and drill oil wells so maybe that is where the obsession with this show comes from? But really, I think it's just John Ross. Anyway....I guess I'll move on.

On to my Pity Party:

I started my weightloss jounrey 6 weeks ago. Since then I have only lost about 8 pounds. I'm super frustrated. I've changed things up, started just counting calories instead of doing Weight Watchers, trying to increase water intake, changing up workouts...and still feel like I'm not getting anywhere. It SUCKS! I've never had this problem before. If I wanted to drop weight before, I did it. No problem. Now, it's like I am stuck at a plateau after only 8 pounds. That is NOT. COOL.  I'm not one of those girls who gets on fb and writes things like "just did 5 miles on the treadmill" or "I've lost 20 pounds" blah blah blah. I don't post about that stuff.....that's kinda why I have a blog! ha. I don't put my blog on fb, because there are just certain people I don't want seeing what I write. Does that make sense? I don't want to have to sensor what I write about, or worry about who may see it and get offended. But, my biggest reason for not posting on fb, is the stuff I write about losing weight. I feel like sharing this stuff with others that are going through it with me....are the ones I want to read it. Not the girls on fb who lost 5 pounds, and hit their goal weight! AHHHH! Seriously, talk to me in 20 years when you have 50 pounds to lose, lol.

It took me a long time to get really ticked off about the weight I put on. Actually, I wasn't really "Ready" until 6 weeks ago, and unfortunately the damage had already been done! Now that it's not coming off at the speed I was counting on, and really messing with my time's also really messing with my head! It's frustrating, and it's hard not to give up.....something has got to give here! The more I read about everyones success....the more pissed I become! I realize that is not the way to be.....but c'mon, everyone feels that way when they are having a hard time, they just don't admit it.

This is how I feel after last night, and now today. I feel like a blimp! I have water issues, I'm pretty sure. Some days I feel fine.....other days I feel like I've eaten enough for 10 people....when I did nothing different! I'm thinking I need to look into that. My clothes fit fine yesterday, and today...not so much. Anyone else ever have issues with this?

I try to make it a point to make my fb posts positive, as well as my blog posts.....but sometimes I gotta use my blog to lay it all out there! I get that no one wants to be a "negative nancy" but that's the reality kids. Sometimes we are just feeling like a "negative nancy". I was having a "Woe is me" night last night too! lol. My hubs had been at work for 36 hours and was stuck on another call because the roads were bad, and people were having acccidents, left and right. So he was gone even longer. All I wanted to do was sit down, but I still had 2 kids to put to bed, bottles to wash, lunches to pack, and the house to clean up. (although I did get 30 min in on the treadmill) I just kept thinking,..ugh I wish my hubs had a "normal" job. But then I thought about my cousin whose hubs is deployed for 6 months....and I suddenly wanted to slap myself across the face! The pity party stopped there.

After that, I got my big butt up and moving, finished what I needed to do, put the kids to bed, and laid down to watch my love John Ross. Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy! So.......on to trying to find the poisitive in this weightloss mess. Today is another day, right?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Scared of Jillian!

How about those 49ers?? Not so much. Bummer. I only watched until the halftime show was over, so I'm hearing I missed the "good part" of the game. Oh well. I won't be losing sleep over that! :) But I did see Beyonce. I wanna be Bootylicious! ha!

I ate horribly yesterday. If I saw it, I ate it. I haven't had a day like that in a long time! Sometimes I think you have to do that just to keep you from losing your mind....but it still doesn't take away that guilt. But ohhh was that taco bell goooooooood!

This girl has been on my mind lately.
I feel like I may still be too out of shape for Jillian....but I'm gonna give her a whirl! Do I still continue cardio while doing the shred? I am not getting enough out of the treadmill.....I know I'm moving and that's a good thing...but I'm not going fast enough, or burning enough calories for my liking! Perfectionist! If I'm such a perfectionist how did I get myself into this mess of needing to lose 50 pounds then right? lol.

I need to lose some serious inches in the midsection. That seems to be my biggest problem area. Not the only one, but the biggest one. I'm tired of seeing this is in the mirror!

and when I sit down is even worse! Yikes! So, I'm thinking Jillian is going to need to become my best friend for 30 days, and I, AM. SCARED!!!! So how scared should I be? Like on a scale from 1-10 how bad am I going to hate Jillian??
                                 Funny Workplace Ecard: The worst part of my Mondays is hearing you complain about Mondays.

LoL, I'm so guilty of this! I don't like Monday because of my hubs schedule on Mondays.....but I pretty much annoy myself, by acting like this! haha.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Date Night?!

Since it's February 1, how fitting to do a post about love, right? It's no secret that my hubs is a fireman (obviously, lol) and it's no secret that he's gone a lot. I whine about it enough so you should all be well aware!

Anywho......My hubs and I were arguing talking the other night about what our relationship has really become. We were talking about how in reality....we are just roomates!There really is no "us". We are Mom and Dad. Partly because he's gone so much that when he is home, there is just so much that needs done, and partly because we just don't make the time. This is something I swore would never happen. But it does happen. Now don't get me wrong....I'm not saying we are not in love or anything like that. We are. I'm saying.....we spend no time alone together. We haven't been to the movies since before our first son was born. (He'll be 4 in april) I couldn't tell you the last time we went out to dinner alone either.

He wants "date night" monthly. How many of you have date nights? Does it help? I've mentioned multiple times that our house is a circus through the night. Our kids do not sleep well to say the least. We are both up and down all night long with one kid or the basically we are not even able to sleep the whole night in the same bed! So that old saying "Life got in the way" is very true in our case. Life does seem to get in our way!  We are parents first, husband and wife last. But, sometimes I think you need to make your relationship a priority. I'm guilty of not doing this. I don't mean, we hate each other, fight all the time, or anything like that. I am just saying that we don't spend time together alone, I don't make it a point to focus just on him....that kinda thing. I'm a Mom, it's what I do, I love my babies, and I find it hard to seperate from them. That's a prob for my hubs.....he wants to do things without the kiddos. I totally get it, it's just easier said than done.

I've never been one of those moms who get excited for "girls night out", or for "date night" in fact, I worry about it all night, because I know that means leaving my kiddos behind. I know that's messed up right? I should be excited for the break.....but to me, it's stressful. I think I'm missing a chromosome or two with that, lol. So I stress about leaving them....but yet, I think it's good for my sanity to have a break?!? Figure that one out!

So any ideas on how to get more alone time with the hubs? Should we do a monthly date night? Other ideas?!?!
                                  Pinned Image

Now, I have to admit I lucked out in the husband department. I tend to give him a hard time...but I think I give him a hard time because of my own issues, not really anything that's his fault, if that makes sense? One of the reasons I am reluctant for date night, is because I'm unhappy with the weight I've gained. We all know I'm trying to lose like half a person here, lol....and I'm uncomfortable going out, because I just don't feel like I look good! I don't want people to see me like that. Again, my own issues...not his. He won't ever say anything about the weight....but he obviously sees can you miss it?!?! So another issue I have to deal with myself, and give him this date night, because that's what he wants. He wants the time together....I can't be upset about that. I should be thankful for that!

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I couldn't resist :)   IT's FRIIIIIIIDAY! Have a great weekend!