Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Story Link-Up

I'm posting twice today, you're welcome :) I couldn't pass up the love story link-up!

Once upon a time, 7 years ago.....I worked at daycare in the town I now live in. The daycare is actually less than a mile from my house now...anyway.....Our little town has this festival called d "Brimfest" We live in Brimfield. Clever right? Anyway....this festival has local business set up booths, there is fair food, and rides. It's very small, and nothing to be excited about, and I had never gone before. But my friend was babysitting that night, and begged me to meet her there. So I did.

The Fire Department had a booth there were they were selling sausage sandwiches. That just cracks me up, lol. They do it every year. My hubs was not there at the beginning of the night, but showed up later, drunk I might add. He had been at a golf outing. My friend and I started talking to my hubs friend first. Well he started talking to us. By this time we had taken the child my friend was babysitting home to his don't be alarmed :)

My hubs friend Aaron.....introduced me to at that time "drunk Randy" He wasn't completely drunk...but you could tell he had been having fun, lol. He didn't really show any interest in me. He talked to me, but that was about it. I thought he was funny...and at that point since I'd known him 5 min, that was all. By this time we had basically been talking to half the fire department in a giant circle. C'mon who doesn't love firefighters? They are nice, and funny, and well, cute.

Then two of them invited my friend and I to a bonfire at their house. Now, today....if people I had met an hour ago invited me to their house, I would be like...ummm you could be a serial killer and I prob wouldn't go. But my barely 22 year old self....went!

We had a blast. I have never laughed so much in my life. Again, Randy was nice to me, and talked to me, but didn't act any different towards me than he did my friends. But, by the end of that night....I liked him. The moment of that night that makes me laugh the most is when he has his back to a giant bonfire, holding a captain and coke in one hand, and throwing gasoline on the fire from a 2 litre bottle in the other, behind him, and flames as tall as a two story building shooting up behind him,  and he just kept right on talking. LOL

The next day was Sunday, and he had to work. The fire dept was right in the middle of that festival I met him at the night before. So of course my friend and I had to go back to the fire dept festival. Finally we got up enough nerve to go say hi. He was again very nice....but gave me nothing to go on! lol. He mentioned that he was going to have a party at his house in two weeks, and said he would let us know. Well my friend kinda sorta started dating his friend Aaron. Well Aaron told my friend about the party, and my so-called friend was supposed to take me with them. That was the agreement. Only she screwed me over and didn't answer the phone, and never called me. Went to the party without me because she wanted this other friend, whom my husband later nick-named "Train Wreck" to date Randy. At 2 am I get a phone call from him...asking where I was. I told him what had happened. I later found out he spent 2 hours trying to get my number from this so-called friend who then finally at 2 am gave it to him. Some friend huh. He told me he was going to have another party when he was off in 2 weeks, and he'd call me.

Well after a week I got tired of waiting. He said it would be 2 weeks, but I still kinda thought he would call in between. Not so much, lol. So finally, I gave in and called him. We talked for 4 hours....and have talked every night since! We got engaged after 10 months of dating, but were engaged for 2 years before our wedding in 2008. We were married in May, and I was pregnant with Cole in July. Randy is 8.5 years older than me so we had to move quick! :)  Now if you're wondering about that friend and Randy's friend....they dated on and off for about a month, then it was done. She still talks to us every now and then, and is fb friends with us....I keep it that way just so she can see how great of a move she made trying to keep us apart. Jokes on you sucka!

I'm thankful everyday for my hubs even though he drives me crazy sometimes. He seriously changed my life. Made me feel like I deserved to have someone really love me. At lets be honest here, you know he loves me or he wouldn't put up with me! :) But because I had to call him first, I tell him to this day....I love him more than he loves me, haha. The rest as they say, is history! :)


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