Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday

Holla at ya Weigh-in Wednesday! Today I'm finally happy with what I saw on the scale! Down 6 pounds! Yesterday I went to the Dr.....and I'm 6 pounds lighter than their scale said yesterday, and 4 pounds lighter than what my scale said yesterday. Either way....I'm down. Obviously my body fluctuates A LOT.....but moral of the story is.....I have broken out of those measly 3 pounds that I kept going back and fourth with!!! PRAISE THE WEIGHT LOSS GODS!!!!!

I FINALLY bought the 30DS yesterday. Plan on starting tonight. I'm bored with the treadmill, and don't feel that I'm fast enough to be accomplishing anything I'm gonna change up my routine a little and see what happens! Also, my advocare 10 day herbal cleanse came in the mail yesterday! I plan on starting that on sunday. I'm so happy, that I have broken the 3 pound curse....FINALLY!!!!!

Now on to my Doctors appointment update:
As some of you know, I went to the Dr yesterday for swelling issues on my right side. That Dr is now sending me to a specialist, an Edemiologist. A Dr that specializes in circulation issues, edema, and lymphedema. The Dr. thinks I may have what is called "Lymphatic backup" meaning....I have a lymphatic system that is not realeasing fluids on the right side. I'm also extremely anemic....(almost had to have blood transfusions w both my csections, I'm that bad) .....anemia can cause  low protein levels in the blood.....low protein levels in the blood can cause edema (swelling) ....edema can then cause water and salt retention. Sometimes the affected area can weigh 5-7 pounds! In my case...the leg is the biggest problem. This may be where my scale issues are coming into play. I've been dieting and working out for 8 weeks, only to play around with the same 3 pounds (until today) But my hubs and my mom have both said that I "look better" Well now we have found out....that I may in fact be losing weight...but depending on how much swelling I have when I step on the scale....the weight-loss may or may NOT show. I should clarify that the difference between edema, and lymphedema are that....edema can affect the whole body, lymphedema just affects the leg. Now, we don't know if I actually have either of these. But regardless....I still need to see this circulation Dr to find out for sure. When you look up pictures of is SUPER SCARY! These people have things the size of small children hanging on their leg! They are red, some have sores....just not good looking stuff. I do NOT have any of that. I have a swollen leg. No pain, no redness, no sores.....and I certainly do not have something the size of texas on my leg. So I'm fairly confident, I do not have lymphedema...but there is definitely some fluid backup.

Treatment: Sometimes a water pill can be the answer...I'm betting on this. I definitely have some water retention issues...hence the 6 pound change on the scale in 1 day. Another treatment is massage. I am a firm believer in maso-therapy. I used to go a lot before I had kids. Now I need it more than ever. When you have fluid backup...massaging the area and "waking" it a great thing. It gets the juices flowing again so-to-speak. Good signs when you are massaging is if an area gets hot, or starts itching. That means it's coming back to life! Last night I was doing some massage to a few areas....and I was getting the itching feeling in many places...and today....I feel less swollen, and then I had that nice surprise on the scale. Sometimes meds are not the answer!! But in this case,  I'm hoping a water pill, and some good old fashioned massage will fix the problem! I can totally use this as an excuse with my hubs right? :)

I know this was probably a super boring post to some of you.....but to some maybe it will be helpful! Happy Hump Day!!


  1. You will love the 30 DS!!
    I'm glad you are getting to the bottom of this. Hopefully it's a simple and easy fix!

  2. stopping by from the link up. I lost 6 lbs too!! :)

  3. How did the 30DS go? I have to admit, I hate that friggin' DVD! I know it works and she kicks your ass and gets good results... but I still friggin' hate it!! I'm glad you seem to have broken through that 3 lbs. barrier too! Good luck on the massage... hope it helps!