Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 I really wish I had interesting topics to "write" about each day. But, I don't. Sorry blog friends. I started this blog to write about my family....and that's pretty much what I do.....with a little weight loss, and makeup thrown in!! haha.

Where do all of you get your blog topics from? Do things just hit you, or do you plan it out? In the beginning, not gonna lie....I spent my evenings doing "homework" thinking of things to write about and making sure I had pics to back the post up! lol. Now obviously, I put less work into it. I end up posting later in the mornings, because things get a little crazy here sometimes, and I now watch an infant that requires more attention than the other kids that can do an art project while I blog! Ssh!

I link up for 2 posts a week......maybe that's what I need to do. Find a link up for all 5 days! haha. I'm hoping some inspiration hits me soon!

Until then......you'll just have to hear about how Drew is ALMOST walking! He's pushing his toys around, and walking behind them! Cole walked at 11 months, so Drew is already 2 weeks behind! I told him he has until his bday party on March 16, to get it together! haha. Not really.....well kinda :)

Cole is still not 100%. No fever, but still very sleepy, however he did eat half a piece of toast today! progress!

I saw my new Dr again yesterday for bloodwork results. Still very anemic and she wants me to have a scope done to check if I have a malabsorbtion problem. I'm not comfortable with that yet. I don't like the new Dr....and why check to see if I can't absorb iron when you haven't had me try to absorb any first??  I've been anemic for years, first found out about it during my first pregnancy 5 years ago. I've known I need to take iron since then but don't because it hurts my stomach so bad. So obviously 5 years later, without doing anything for the iron level is going to lead to an even lower iron level. My new dr really dud nothing for me. She didn't ask about my diet, or anything. I came home and became a google Dr of course, and found that I do not eat ANY iron enrichment foods, and all the foods that deplete iron, I basically live on! So.....today I'm going back to my OLD Dr (only left because he couldn't get me in for a month, today he got me in fine, hmm, lol) for a second opinion. I feel like this scope...should be done after we've tried the obvious. Opinions? Anyone have experience with iron deficiency, anemia? I'm stressing out!


  1. I struggle with blog topics too sometimes... usually they just come to me and I have so much to write about, but this week I've been struggling! Blogger's block, I guess!

  2. I struggle to write my posts... seriously. I STILL want to know why anybody reads what I write! LOL Just write what comes to you and that's it... we still love ya ;)

  3. I think everyone struggles. I just constantly steal ideas. If I see someone have a blog post, I will jot the topic in my phone for the next rainy day.