Thursday, February 7, 2013

Non-Scale Victories #3, and some randoms

First, let's start with the "Non-Scale Victories" I covered most of this yesterday with "Weigh-in Wednesday" Poor planning on my part! :) Ok, so as a little recap.....I'm happy with the fact that may arms are slimming down, and my face is thinning out. I'm not hating my hips....they are ok .....for now. I did lose a pound...but still not out of my 3 pound back and fourth business. That's about all I have for this weeks "Non-scale victories" because I have not been the best with my eating choices this week! EEEEK!!!

I mentioned in a Keek yesterday  (Kristenporter161, if you're interested in the randomness I keek about) that my body can fluctuate like 5 pounds in a day! Messed up! Here's some proof!
The left is yesterday. (I already posted this, I know) and the right is today. Now is it just me or do I look like a busted can of biscuits yesterday...and today not as bad? I'm in the same room, same mirror....maybe I did a different angle or something?? But, I don't think so.....Maybe it's the shirt? I don't know. But I see a difference. Maybe I'm nuts. I don't know how I got so lucky for this mess to happen to everyday, lol. *Yes, I posed the exact same way, so that you could get the full effect, you're welcome*

I didn't work out AT ALL last night. I've said my body is messed up. What I mean by that is....I have a crooked pelvis, nice huh? The main reason why both of my babies were C-section.  My hips go uneven very easily, causing me to put all my weight on the right leg, my whole leg swells, knee swells, back hurts, and many other fun things like that. The treadmill just about kills me....but it must be done! Last night, I was hurting so bad, I couldn't put myself through what did I do...ate some spaghetti. I'm making some awesome choices the past few days. :(  Anyway, hoping to get into the chiropractor today, and get some relief!

Since I was hurting pretty bad last night....I didn't clean up the kitchen, or the living room...and just didn't care. This morning when I came downstairs....that mess was staring me in the face! I tend to stress a little when that happens! So tonight, I will be cleaning up a 2 day old mess! and reminding myself of why I shouldn't skip a night, lol. But I really wish this would happen....
But he's been at work for 5 days I don't think that when he finally gets to come home tonight that he'll be jumping up and down to do dishes. I'm just guessing.....but I'm pretty sure he won't! :)  It's friday dog!  (I may or may not watch too much Mickey Mouse Club, yikes).


  1. I honestly think it's the shirt in those pictures. But weight fluctuates like a mother.

  2. I didn't see your link again :( but glad I double checked! Thanks for sharing your NSVs!