Monday, September 17, 2012

Drew is 6 months old!

Today's post is all about my little Drew! He is 6 months old today! If you counted back 6 months, you're right...he wa born on St. Patrick's Day!

From the second Drew was born, he had a sweet personality. He didn't get excited about much, and was a very laid back boy right from the beginning.  As I mentioned before, I have an in-home daycare. When Drew was five weeks old, we went back to "daycare" Which is in our basement. It was a bad week to return! All the kids had runny noses, and coughs. By the end of the 5th week, Drew was admitted to Children's Hospital with Bronchiolitis, and Pneumonia. It was awful. The most scared I had ever been in my life. He was only 6 weeks old. We had to stay for 6 days. It was so hard to be away from my older son, Cole. But, I had to stay at the hospital with Drew. I couldn't leave him. He recovered and we came home!

At about 2 months old, Drew developed Eczema. It was only in a few places, not too bad. But at 12 weeks old, it spread to his whole body, and he then developed an Eczema infection! He looked terrible!! He was covered in these puss filled bumps, from head to toe! When we arrived at the hospital, they had to do a spinal tap, because they weren't sure what was going on, and he had a 102 temp! This time I was at the hospital alone because my hubs had to stay home with our older son.

Drew was admitted to the hospital for another 2 days. The diagnosis was an Eczema infection, cause unknown. From what I understand, if there is an open wound anywhere on the skin....babies with skin issues are VERY prone to infection! Drew had been scratching his head up, from itching....probably how he got an infection. While in the hospital they told me it could take up to 3 months for his skin to heal. Thank God, for watching over us because he was COMPLETELY clear in 5 days!

Since then his Eczema has been an ongoing battle. We have finally found a Dermatologist, and wonderful Allergiest who have him looking amazing! His skin is so clear, and he's still a happy boy!

So today is a very happy day for me that my little guy is 6 months old! The older he gets, the more relaxed I hope to become. It's so scary when they are little and sick. As he gets older, everyone becomes less concerned when they have a fever, a cough, a stuffy nose. I'm still a worrier of course....but I feel a little more at ease as he gets older.

Today, Drew weighs 19 pounds and 4 oz! He's wearing 12 month clothes, and some 18 month clothes! He rolls over constantly, gets up on his knees and rocks! He's trying to crawl!He has 2 bottom teeth, and the top 2 are about to come through! He LOVES his big brother! Smiles at him as soon as he enters the room. Drew laughs, and coos, and growls! :) He's a happy boy. He loves his baby food, and would eat a steak if I gave it to him! He's very alert, and interested in everything thats going on! He is going to graduate to a "big boy" carseat next week! I can no longer lug him around in that infant carseat! TOO HEAVY!! Drew has brought so much joy to our lives. Our family is complete with our two boys. Love them both so much, and couldn't be happier, or luckier to be their Mommy! <3 Here are some pics of Drew!
 Drew's first time at the fair! Aug 2012
 Bathtub baby :)
Found one of big brother's dinos!

 Wearing Daddy's hat from the Warrior Dash
 I'm 6 months old today!
Cole and Drew right after Drew was born! 3-17-12


  1. Welcome to the fire wife blogging world!! :)

    NINETEEN POUNDS!! None of my 4 hit 19# by a year, much less 6 mos. O was 17# at her 18 mos. check up! LOL

    My people might not have gotten big, but all of them are amazing sleepers. From about 6 weeks on, they were wonderful. We had some hiccups as there was no found freedom once we got rid of the crib, but even today, they are all amazing. My girls - 4 and 6 are in bed by 7:30pm and asleep shortly there after. My boys are in bed around 8am. Mainly because we leave before 6am for school. :(

    Happy 1/2 birthday!!

  2. I'm so jealous!! I've tried everything to get him to sleep through the night! Most of the time he'll give us a span of 4-5 hours before waking, but the past few nights he's been getting up twice a night! That is NOT ok, lol. Any tips? My hubs has began saying he sleeps more at work! haha