Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A random, all over the place, kinda day

Well.....Drew has yet another double ear infection, and Cole has a sinus infection. This means my little Drew is going to have to get tubes in his ears! I was hoping we could avoid this, but doesn't look like that's going to happen! Hopefully they work for him!

Today is an odd day! Just about every school in the area is closed, so you know what that means for me....more kiddos! I am down 4 kids today due to their moms being teachers, so they are at home, but gained a few other school agers, who don't normally come. Cole's preschool was even cancelled today!

My hubs worked an extra shift last night, since he's off today. I've never understood his reasoning. "I'm off tomorrow, so I'll work more today" WTH....just be off for once? But, I guess it's ok since I'm sure he was needed last night with the crazy weather! He BETTER stay home today/tonight though....or this mama might lose her mind!!

I have been thinking it's wednesday all day...but I'm sad now that I have realized that it's only tuesday because that means Duck Dynasty is NOT on tonight! Yes, I love that show. I may have giant crush on Willie! It's totally redneck, and it reminds me soo much of my hometown, and my cousins ! lol

I have no pics to share, or any mind blowing topics to change the world today either. Just a very random, all over the place, out of routine, kinda day for me! What's your day like?

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  1. I hope Drew and Cole feel better! Poor babies don't want to miss Halloween!