Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today was my daycare halloween party! Some of the parents brought treats, and Cole and I made cupcakes. This was the first year, I asked the kids to bring their costumes. The kiddos ate a few treats, dressed up in their costumes, and watched a Halloween movie. I think the costumes were their favorite part even though, they were in them total probably 20 minutes! But, they loved every minute of it!

I love dressing up for Halloween but this year, the hubs and I didn't end up going to the halloween party we had planned on. Boooo. There is always next year, and I'll probably be thinking about our costumes until then!

Our trick-or-treat was this past sunday, so we don't have any big plans for tonight. I wish we were able to trick-or-treat on halloween, and in the evening! That's how I always remember it during my childhood. Yeah, it was freezing....but it was fun!

                                                        My babies in their halloween shirts!
                                                             My boys in their costumes!
                                                        Daycare kiddos in their costumes!

                                                                   Happy Halloween!!

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