Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick-or-Treat Weekend

Yesterday was our Trick-or-Treat! It was a miserable day! freezing and raining! Wind was blowing like crazy, umbrellas turning inside out, kids soaking wet, parents soaking wet, and just a plain old miserable time! But........we went anyway! Drew didn't join our wonderful trick-or-treating experience. He stayed home and passed out candy with Grandma and Grandpa. Both my kiddos have a cough, and runny you can imagine just how much the weather helped with this! booooo. (both going to the DR. today...AGAIN)

Cole LOVED his costume, Drew HATED his costume!!

                                                                         Officer Cole
He looked so cute!! He was definitely in love with his costume! I'm glad.....he wore it all day yesterday!!
Now for my not so happy lion.......

He hated his costume!! He also doesn't feel well, so that didn't help! I didn't get one picture of him in the costume without crying!

                My sweet babies!! Maybe next year Drew will have more fun! :) Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Officer Cole is soooo cute!! I saw another mom dress her son up as a police officer and the baby was a jail inmate. :) But Drew looks adorable regardless!!