Thursday, October 3, 2013

Which way is best?

I have been getting conflicting advice about this weight loss stuff. It used to be that I could live on Dr. Pepper for a week and drop ten pounds. Whatever happened to those days?? Now, if I even look at a dr pepper just add ten pounds to my next weigh in. 

Now on to the conflicting advice....a friend of mine just lost 50 pounds. It took her only 7 months! She advised me to go to and find out how many calories I should be eating for my weight. I did, and the outcome was that I need to he eating about 900 more calories a day than I am now. What?!?!? That scares me! 

I've been eating 1200. Well most days 1300, after I deduct what I burn on the treadmill. 

So which way is best?? I fear eating more calories because our minds are trained to think less is better! But, my concern I not eating enough for my body to actually burn calories?? Which method do you follow??

I'm not seeing big changes on the scale yet....but I'm losing inches, and my clothes are fitting better! Both steps in the right direction!! 
This is what I've had to face the past month! No. More. Excuses.

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  1. I'd say keep doing what you're doing if it's working for you... if / when you start to plateau then up your calories and see how it goes. I KNOW that 1,200 is really low so it wouldn't surprise me if we should both up our intake.