Thursday, August 22, 2013


A combination of things made me think about this post. First, hollys posts about anxiety, and letting things go. Second, our experience while trying to have lunch at a restaurant today, and third sitting here watching "table for twelve" while my boys nap.
Our lunch experience was less than perfect today. Cole had been testing our patience all morning, even while at his preschool open house. So when we got to lunch, I thought maybe he would chill. Wrong. And Drew. Ohhh Drew. He wanted down the entire time. We had to wait 20 min for a table which didn't help. He's 17 months old, being held right now is not what he wants! When he finally got a table....I gave him a snack. Usually this helps. Today, didn't help. He was crying, squirming, wanting down. The whole 9 yards. The crying is not like him though. Cole had a cold and fever earlier in the week, and now I'm thinking drew is probably getting it. Anyway, moral of this was.....stress. Well, I don't handle stress well. I get angry, and my nerves get the best of me. Even worse, the hubs does not handle kid stress well. He gets frustrated and angry and next thing you know.....we are turning on each other.
This afternoon while watching "table for 12" while my boys napped I saw them take 12 kids (2 sets of twins, and a set of sextuplets) to Hershey park. The parents never once argued. They laughed together, helped each other, handled all the kids with no stress. They had fun! That is amazing to me. The joy they had with each other made me a little sad. Why can't our outings be like that when we only have 2 kids!!! Seriously the parents on this show would have laughed at is. Like really, you think you have stress?? My goal tonight when we head to the enjoy. Not stress. Not hate my husband, and have fun. This is hard for me. My anxiety, worry, stress all have a mind of their own. But, there comes a time when you have to take control. Watching this show today really made me see that I've got to relax. Wish me luck!!

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