Friday, April 12, 2013

Crazy Baby

Well a late blog post is better than no blog post right? Things have gotten ever crazier here at the Porter House. You didn't think it was possible did you? Drew still ISN'T walking! Cole walked at 10 months, so the fact that Drew turned 1 on March 17, and is still not walking is making me crazy! I've heard it many times from others...."you don't want them to walk, then they're into everything" Well....let me tell you I couldn't wait till Cole walked, and I can't wait till Drew walks! Drew has hit that stage of wanting down all the time, but depending where we are, a lot of times that can't happen. Why? because he CAN'T WALK! For example, last weekend we Randy cleaned out the garage. Cole was running around playing, and Drew wanted to join in on the fun. But, I didn't want to let him down on the garage floor. After about an hour of trying to get his attention turned to other things, and being completely unsuccessful, I decided to just suck it up, and let him down. He was filthy, and I cringed everytime I saw his little hands hit the garage floor to crawl to another location. I hated every second of it!

It seems that Drew is turning out to be quite the opposite of big brother Cole. As Cole got older, things got much easier with him. He wasn't "into" as much because he could get around on his own and he was completely happy with that! With Drew? Not so much. Things seem to be getting more, eh..umm...difficult? as he gets older. We use the term "ornery" a lot, but really the kid is a hellian! He was a late bloomer in that sense. A much easier "baby" than Cole....but now he's become crazy! He is constantly climbing on our fireplace hearth, and then standing up! He is great at getting the gate away from the steps. Our stairs are weird. They go out at the bottom, and on one side there are wood spindles, so you can't attach a gate at all. We have one of those giant outdoor gates rigged around the bottom, tied to the spindles on one side and we thought we had the other side blocked to where he can't move it. WRONG! He just moves that gate right out of the way, and heads up the stairs. By 10 am the kid had me worn out!

It's so funny to me how two siblings can be so different! I love it. They keep me on my toes, and keep me exhausted, that's for sure! That's pretty much what's going on with us for now!

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  1. Get used to it girl, the younger siblings definitely keep us on our toes! Every youngest child I know is the same way and my daughter is no different... she's very spirited and keeps me much more on my toes than her brother ever did!