Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Drew's 1st Birthday Party

I'm a little late, but here are the pictures of Drew's party! It was on March 16. Wow that seems so long ago now! He ended up having an ear infection that we didn't know about until the next day, and his very intelligent mommy scheduled his party right during naptime! I always do that....not sure why I haven't learned yet! So needless to say, Drew wasn't a very happy camper! Luckily, his big brother was there to help him open all of his presents, and to play with all his new toys when we got home too! That's what older siblings are for, right?

Since Drew's actual birthday is on St. Patrick's Day, we of course had to theme his first birthday in honor of that! I figured this may be the only year I have that chance. Next year he'll probably want some character that I will loathe, but I'll do it anyway. For example, Cole will be 4 in April. He's having his first "friend" bowling party. Not much decorating to do, but he's requested Batman invitations, plates, and cups. Yay......in my most sarcastic tone. But I have already gotten his Batman invitations, and we'll bowl it up Batman style, just for my most favorite 4 year old! The things we do for our kids right? haha :)

Kids goody bags

Gift table, but before there were any gifts

Grammy and Drew

Cake table

Ready to party!

Eating pizza

Drew's smash cake
During this party, I realized yet again that it's really hard to be the photographer, videographer, Mom of the birthday boy, and the hostess! I'm relying on my family memebers to have hopefully gotten better pictures that I did, and most of it is on video, like opening the gifts, and that kind of thing. But you get the idea. It was a shamrock kinda day!!

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  1. So cute! I love when people incorporate holidays into birthdays... except my birthday which is Dec 22. Ha!