Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall has reached the Porter House!

Fall is my FAVORITE season! I love the weather, the CLOTHES, football, Thanksgiving, pumpkin farms, hayrides, bonfires, the decor...just everything! I'm always ready for summer to end, and fall to begin! So last night I finally got some of my fall decor out!

I haven't got the outside of the house done  yet, but most of the inside! Here are a few pics

Last night, Cole discovered the world of push-pops! You would have thought he struck gold! He was loving it !He calls it a "stucka" which means "sucker" but he doesn't pronounce his Rr's very good yet. It's cute....FOR NOW! :)

Today, Drew goes for his 6month checkup. He's going to be getting shots, so it will probably be an interesting afternoon for him! He always gets a fever with the shots. Poor baby :( Last night he started holding his own bottle! yay!

But, on the bright side...I get to go out among the living today to take him to the doctor! Which means I get to wear normal clothes, and see someone over the age of 3! :)

Yup, It's the little things! Happy Thursday boys and girls!


  1. Your house looks so cozy! I need to get my decorations out tomorrow.

    And I noticed the Dr. Brown's bottle.... We use those, too...But I loathe cleaning them!

    1. I don't like cleaning them either! Have you found the Dr. Browns dishwasher holder? It only holds 3 bottles at a time, but has a place for all the pieces and parts as well! Helps out a little!