Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Recap

I'm a little behind on the ol Christmas recap! Since Christmas fell on a tuesday this year, that means I got saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday off! HOLLA!!! I enjoyed every second of that!  and now with new years....I'm off saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday! HOLLA again! Gotta love those days off, I don't get many of em! whiney whine whine...I know, I know. Seriously, I work at home, it's not that bad, lol.

On Christmas eve, we stayed home during the day, and then went to my parents for dinner....then church, where my friend Kim and her family met us this year! That was so nice to have them there....who knows maybe they will make that a tradition of going with us?!?! maybe?

My boys and me on Christmas eve at probably 11:45 am, still in our pajamas! We didn't get dressed till it was time to go to my parents at 4pm! It was great! Watching Home Alone of course! :)

My boys at my parents house on Christmas Eve

Look out!

Cole got a police car from my parents on his first Christmas, so of course Drew got one too!

The only thing Cole really asked for was a batcave! He wasn't kidding, because he looooves this thing!

Daddy and Cole putting reindeer food on the lawn!

Santa also brought a bike! Santa did good, He loves his bike too! His "dirtbike" as he says!
Baby's First Christmas pajamas!!

And Drew, just loves Christmas! lol. This kids claps non stop!
 Our Christmas day is always hectic. We open presents bright and early at our house, and then travel an hour and a half to my grandma's. Open presents, then go to my aunts for lunch/dinner. We had planned on spending the night at my parents lake house, but it was calling for a bad snow storm, so we ended up coming home. Thank goodness we did, because the next day was a blizzard!! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

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