Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2012, had its ups and downs for us. Our highlight was bringing our little Drew into the world! on March 17, 2012....yep St. Patrick's Day! He has completed our little family.....So that of course was the best day of 2012 for me! But, my grandpa passed away in july, and then another very close family friend right before Christmas. Just like with everything I suppose....good times, and bad times. I'm ready for 2013.....I have some plans. I guess you could call them new years resolutions! Basically....they are just life changes. Aside from the obvious...getting all this weight off....I want my house clutter free! Don't we all right? I want it gone....I will binge, purge whatever....just get it outta here!!!

Our New Year's Eve was pretty lame. I've never been a big fan of new years eve, mainly because I NEVER stay up when the whole point of the night is to stay up....I don't do so well with that! I felt like I had been hit by a truck all day that day....we went to my parents for a little while and we were supposed to come home and go to a little get together down the street...but we never made it. Why? Because I fell asleep! LOL. New Years Day?? Yep just as boring! My hubs was working 24 hours so it was just me and my kiddos. LONGEST. DAY. EVER. We were bored to say the least.

Now of course, a few pics of our Rockin New Years Eve.....Riiiiiight :)

At least the kiddos were having fun right? And now just a very teeny, tiny glimpse of one room! That proves I need to live a clutter free life!!!! This is our office....wait this WAS our office. It's right inside the front door, has french doors. Supposed to be pretty right? WRONG. This is the hot mess everyone sees when they come in each day. HATE. IT. The sad part is, we have moved a train table and 6 drawers fulls of trucks  upstairs. We have a 4th bedroom that was supposed to be a guest room. Well I've never had a guest spend the night, and we built this house 4. 5 years ago. So the guest room is going bye-bye....and it's becoming a TOY ROOM. For the love of all that is good and holy, I can not take this crap anymore! lol.  So as soon as my hubs is home for 5 mins.....I wanna get rolling on this OPERATION: TAKE BACK OUR OFFICE. We don't necessarily need an office....we have 2 bookshelves, a desk, filing cabinet, printer. It takes up probably one corner of the whole room....but the fact is I don't like looking at that hot mess of toys right inside the front door!
When I get an idea, I want it done RIGHT NOW, well like yesterday! I have no patience. It needs to happen NOW. My hubs does NOT roll that way. In fact, he's the total opposite of I know this is going to be a job. But, I'm determined!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Purge some toys and get your office back, yo! I love some french doors. :)

    And don't feel lame for staying home on NYE... we did the same thing. Saved a bunch of money!