Monday, January 14, 2013

Impatience is NOT a virtue!

Mondays....ugh! Mondays are rough for us. My hubs worked 24 hours yesterday, and will get home at 7:30 am today...and be at another job by 8:30am....and not back  home till 10 pm tonight. That's a long 2 days for me and the kiddos! So, I dislike Mondays...a lot.

This whole weigh tloss journey has being "weighing" on my mind this weekend. See what I did there? I'm funny :) Anyway....I am the most impatient person in this world! And although I know I didn't gain this weight over night, I feel like I should lose it over night! I've said before when I get something in my head, I want it done yesterday! Well here we are. I am losing, I'm just not losing FAST, like we all want right? So it then becomes a mind game. Am I doing what I should, I could have done better here, I need to change this. And of course the emotions that come with it, that make me want to just EAT!

I didn't make the greatest choices with food this weekend, but I didn't eat a ton. Does that make any sense? I made poor choices, some of the time, but didn't stuff myself? I still lost a pound however from saturday to sunday. Figure that one out! lol I know that you can fluctuate 1-3 pounds that's probably what happened.

I was feeling a little guilty from the choices I made, so I decided...I would get on the treadmill. I did...and I was super slow...but I did it. All with a screaming baby by my side! I ended up only getting 20 min in because Drew decided at about the 10 min mark, he was would start whaling and NOT. STOP.
It's hard to take a picture that's not blurry when you're running...even as slow as I was running! I wanted to keep going...for some reason I don't get into a good groove until about 15 minutes in! I was rocking out to some good tunes! My favorite part of the run of course!
Nothing like a little old school Nelly, to get you moving! It was definitely getting hot in here! butt is definitely big, lol. Although I really love Nelly.....the song that made me step it up a notch was this.
Loooooove me some Dierks! Cole loves this song too. :) So I'm trying not to lose hope. That number that I want to achieve really freaks me out! I want to be down 50 pounds by June. I really hope I can do it. Everyday, is a struggle with my head...that I actually can achieve this goal. It's a long road...I'm determined...but impatient. It takes hard work I know, I just hope I have what it takes to Keep. Going. Other than blog friends, I do have about 5 or 6 friends that know I'm on WW. With them knowing, I suddenly feel more pressure to succeed! Maybe that's a good thing! It will make me more accountable...because these friends will expect to see results! That could work for me! ....So here we go...another week on WW, let's see what happens!

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