Friday, January 18, 2013

So Random....

I've mentioned that  I have started crawling running/walking on the treadmill again after a 5 year vacation!
Well I've only been able to do 2.5 miles so far, and I'm gonna be honest when I say my butt is kicked after that! My face is all red, and I'm sweating like a whore in church! I know that's not a very nice saying but you get the idea! I'm one of those people who never takes their wedding ring off. Well apparently when you're sweating like no other.....and you have your rings on.....and continue this for about 4 days, this happens......
and it FREAKING HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So 2 lessons from this! 1. Don't wait 5 years and 2 babies to move your body! You'll be 50 pounds heavier, and sweat like a pig....and get fat girl boo boos! 2. Take your rings off before you run.

In other news: I've been on this kick about my house.We built it almost 5 years ago, and I still feel like the upstairs isn't "Done" and it drives me crazy. One of the things I wanted to do was to frame our master bath with a curtain. I thought it looked too bare up there. So my hubs hung a curtain for me yesterday! I gotta say....I'm diggin it!
Not too shabby. Thank you Pinterest! It feels all "spa like" in there now! Now I want to just stay in that room, lol.
Today in my daycare we were making snowmen. I gave the directions "make a face for your snowman" and my little Cole (3.5) did this.....
I'm so proud of him! I think I'm so excited because he usually doesn't take any interest in least for me. His preschool teacher says he does well, but for me....nothin. And when he's with me, he tends not to follow the directions the other kids follow. He is usually up and running around, because well I'm the mom and he doesn't feel he needs to listen to me! ugh. he did....and I'm super proud of him! I was so impressed by this.....for all the reasons I just mentioned. Maybe he's taking a new interest, or maybe he's growing up....and learning that he needs to follow directions, even from mom? Either way....I like it! :)

Have a great weekend!!

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