Friday, January 11, 2013

Allergy Baby

I have big news blog friends. Yesterday......I made a BUTTON! Yep, lil ole me, did it all by myself....well with following all the steps of Tutorial Tuesday!  I gotta give a shout out to  Hubby Jack That guy is a good teacher...if he can teach me to do something like that, seriously ANYONE can do it! lol Ok Holly.....don't hurt me....I only heart your husband for his tutorials! :) My button is actually kinda cute if I do say so myself! :)

For those of you Mommies out there...who have more than one baby, do you find yourself comparing the two kids? Like, Cole walked at 10 months old.....Drew will be 10 months next week, and isn't anywhere near walking....just started pulling himself up two weeks ago. I find it hard not to compare things like this. Drew weighs 25 pounds, he's bigger than Cole was at this I'm sure thats the trouble for Mr. Drew. He's got a lot of weight to move around! He's on track with everything....crawls, stands up, jabbers, .....I don't think he's delayed by any means....I just can't help but Cole was walking at this age! Crazy.

As many of you know, Drew has asthma, and eczema. Both are under control....but with asthma babies apparently comes food allergies. I was an asthma baby....didn't have food allergies. But, anywho.....his allergist wants him to stay away from milk, eggs, wheat, soy, beef until age 1! AHHH Seriously. Try to transition a baby from baby food to table food, and not let him have eggs, or milk. Even all the gerber foods contain whole wheat flour....and the stage 3 baby foods are a waste of my time and money now containing egg noodles, beef, and milk. Feeding this guy has become quite a challenge! He goes to the allergist in two weeks, and I'm hoping....that they will speed up this process of the RAST see if he is actually allergic to any of this stuff! I understand being cautious, but do we need to be crazy about this? I mean, he can't even have anything with egg cooked in it. NOTHING!  This of course means no pasta, because pasta has egg and milk in it! I'm learning a lot about food labels, I'll tell ya that! I've never read so many labels in my life! We are to the point that I spend an hour on the gerber website before even going to the grocery store, to save that I know what I can buy, and what I can't! It's getting outta control!

The allergist says she thinks he will NOT be allergic to milk since he was on milk based formula in the begining, and did fine. He's also already had some things with milk in it...because at that point...I didn't know "Whey" means milk! Yeah, dumb Mom I suppose! I know NOW! but, he did fine with it. So I could probably take the chance and start giving him some of these things...but the DR doesn't want him having it yet for a reason, so I listen. Ho hum.

Basically, he eats fruits, and veggies....and none of the good stuff, like spaghetti, or mac and cheese! Booo!!! I feel bad for the little guy! I hoooooope we can get some good news/answers on the 22 when we go back to the allergist!

On a happy note....the past two nights, Drew has slept great! I'm excited but fear I may have just jinxed myself by saying this out loud! SSshhh!!!
Drew has started standing up on everything! :)

This is in our daycare....remember we're in the basement, lol....He was supposed to be laying down for a nap!

Ohhh the life of a boy mom! Wouldn't have it any other way!

 TGIF! Have a great weekend!


  1. Ughh, so tough... I hope he doesn't have any food allergies and that you can get some 'real' foods into him soon to make your life a little easier! I have two asthmatic kids and although it's not fun dealing with that, I am SO thankful they don't have food allergies!

  2. I wouldn't say I compare, but I do say, "savannah started walking at 13 months."... More of a "note". My husband compares a lot though, not purposely but he does.