Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to Reality!!

AHHHHH!!! 2 days with no blogging!! I've missed the blog world! No, I'm not joking.....I really did! I have what looks to be about 3 hours of reading blogs to catch up with! LoL!! Good thing I don't have many kiddos today! haha

 Had to take Drew to the ER at 1am on Sunday with a 104.4 fever! YIKES! Scared this mommy! He was tested for both influenza A and B....both were negative! Hallelujah....but he does have a virus, that you guessed it.....just has to run its course. Ugh. So it has been a rough 2 days! Closed my daycare on Monday....then had someone cover for me yesterday.....and now finally back to reality today. I'm a creature of habit for sure. I like routine.....and the past 2 days we have had NO ROUTINE! Drew was not sleeping at all......finally last night we all got some sleep. Much needed....and I want MORE! But, I'm so thankful he's starting to feel a little better! Hate it when my babies are sick!!! :(

Yesterday it was 60 degrees here in good ole Ohio, today it's supposed to be 50....and guess what! tomorrow, low 30's! Awesome. I just love this weather! No wonder everybody and their dog is sick!!

Since I haven't blogged in 2 days, I have a bunch of randomness to cover! Does anyone watch Dallas?? I am so obsessed! I remember after season 1, I couldn't wait until January when it came back! and guess what....It's Baaaaaack! Yessssss! Season premiere was so good! I can't wait till Monday! LoL I love me some John Ross Ewing! I'm not hatin those suits he wears to the office everyday! I definitely believe that there is in fact "something about a truck" but I'm perfectly ok with my country boy driving a corvette. It works for him!

I may need a life....but's the only show I watch these days that's NOT reality. I'm behind on all my reality shows except Teen Mom. Am I the only 29 year old who still watches teen mom? Yes? well that's ok. What's life without some good old disfunction, right?
Happy Wednesday kids! I'm excited that this is my first day of "work" and that it's already wednesday. Pretty good deal there!

BTW: I've jumped on the Keek bandwagon..... kristenporter161   I really need to learn how to put those fancy icons up! lol


  1. yay, excited to find a new blog, my keek friend!

  2. So sorry about the scary ER experience!! I have been there!! Hope he is much better :)