Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ohhh Honey Boo Boo

Do any of you watch Honey Boo Boo? It's ok to admit it, just this once.
It's no secret that I like "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo".....well I wouldn't say that I like it....I would say it's more like I watch in amazement. It's just so messed up, it's funny. Understand? Anyway...I was a day late watching the season premiere. I finally watched it last night. OH EMM GEEE......It was awful for even me! I think it got worse from last season! At one point, I thought....I'll turn it off....but do you think I did? NOPE. Kept watching.....and kept getting more disgusted!

It was so bad....that I can't stop thinking about it! It's so bad that I have to post all my thoughts about it...which in turn puts me pretty close to the same level as the rest of them!

At one point, while in a corn maze....."Mama" went into the corn to pee! Yikes! Poor baby Kaitlyn with 3 thumbs was being dragged around the corn maze in the beating down sun with nothing on her head...that part was driving me nuts! They just lug that poor thing around! And how do they all fit in that truck? There is what 7 of them plus a carseat? How are they all riding everywhere together?! And now to make it even better...."Sugar Bear" is in a wheel chair due to a 4-wheeler accident. THEN......"Pumpkin" gets hit in the face with car keys, and has a bleeding eye on the inside and out????? man that must have been some toss of the keys!

"Mama" apparently has a fear of mayonnaise. "Pumpkin" then says...I don't eat mayonnaise because I'm a vegetarian. Hmmm....interesting. And Jessica then starts explaining that "MARRNAISE" doesn't have meat in it. She says "MARRNAISE" about 5 times in one sentence. Really?

Oh and we can't forget the fact that "mama" wants a new look. She goes blonde....and "Sugar Bear" about flips his lid. He then starts discussing biscuits....and if I remember correctly....they all refer to a certain area as a biscuit....which makes me want to throw up just playing that scene back in my head! If I had even an ounce of the confidence "mama" has, I'd be good to go! I mean....if you can feel that good about yourself...when you wear warm-up pants, and tshirts everyday, and have a forklift foot....then heck...I should feel like Miss America!

Ohhhh....and can't forget that "Mama" is "wop-sided" that's "lop-sided" to those of us with a brain. But to them, it's "wop-sided" and "Mama" even picked out a pumpkin that was wop-sided as well. How nice. The highlight was everyone going trick-or-treating. Mama first dressed up like Marilyn Monroe....again Sugar Bear went in heat.....and that costume was quite a sight! I also found it funny that Anna went trick-or-treating. Honey...you have a child now..it's time to hang up the trick-or-treat bag!

I could go on and on....but then again...I'm just as disgusted as you are that I just did an entire post about this stupid, messed up, gross show! Ahhh....I must tune into better quality television! But hey, it's back for a second season, so I'm not the only one watching! :)


  1. I haven't watched the new season or the episode you are writing about, but I have seen bits and pieces of other episodes. I can't watch it. It really is a different world maybe that they are living. But really, who I am to judge.

    Although, to their credit, I read that the mother declined to move the family with money made from the show and expressed that they had all they needed to be happy and all the money has been put in trust for all the children and they can't access it until they are 21, unless they need it for educational expenses. If that is the case then I actually give her credit for handling the money well.

  2. Well I'm glad she is doing that for them. It must be a different world they are living in because some of the stuff they do is just...wow. But, aside from all that...you really can tell they are a family, and "Mama" really does love her kids. They all do things together, and she does spend all that money just for Alana to do the pageants....so I guess that says something. She does put the kids first, which is nice to see. There are many families that I see on a daily basis...that don't even do that! I'm a Honey Boo Boo lover, and take a lot of heat for it! You're right...I shouldn't judge them....it's pretty clear that the show has not changed them at all! LOL

    1. Oh I was implying that you were judging them negatively or anything like that and hope I didn't offend you! I agree that they are living in a very different world. I personally can't even watch anymore, but to each his own. I guess they aren't hurting anyone, it sure is shocking some of the stuff they do though!

  3. I watched last season some but I don't think I can do it anymore! I hate how they are exploiting their kiddos!

  4. Have you watched Buckwild? I hear its even worse!