Monday, January 7, 2013


I've mentioned multiple times that Drew hates me with his sleeping habits! AHHHH...This baby. He's the sweetest little man, so happy, so perfect....but his sleeping, ugh. Granted the poor baby does have issues....he has had eczema on his entire body since he was 12 weeks old. It's under control now, but he does itch....and the damn mail order pharmacy that we had to switch to (stupid insurance wants everything mail order, if it's a script that you get over and over) hasn't come he hasn't had his antihistamine since dec. 18! (Stuff that helps him, not itch so much) I don't really notice him scratching...but I think that stuff just helps calm him for bedtime. And, then there is his ear issues. He had tubes put in his ears on Dec. 20....yeah he's already had an ear infection since then, and I think he still does. So probably a trip to the ENT tomorrow. So.....I can't really blame him for not sleeping. He's got so much going on. :(

But.....I cannot continue to wake up with him every hour and a half! I'm beat! I'm mean, and I'm ohhhh so tired of it! While sitting in his room at night rocking him...I think of all the people who are sleeping, and their babies are sleeping all night....and I seriously get pissed off! I'm to the point that I just can't take it anymore. He'll be 10 months old on the 17, and I have not slept since this child was born!!!!! It makes my hubs and I fight in the middle of the night because we are both tired....and if we let Drew "cry it out" he then wakes up his brother in the next room, and then we have 2 awake...which is what happened last night!

I don't know what else to do. We have tried EVERYTHING. I feed him more, I make him warm enough....I just don't know. I'm so defeated, and over it!

During the week while we are in my daycare, Drew puts himself to sleep for naps with a bottle...but at bedtime, he falls asleep with us holding him with a bottle....we put him in his crib and he's fine...but when he wakes up, we hold him to feed him. I'm thinking of being a really terrible parent, and just throwing the kid and a bottle and going back to bed! lol. I CANNOT continue like this! AHHHH!!! HELP!

Ok, now a WW update:
I did freaking awesome this weekend if I do say so myself. I was worried about the weekend...because there is more temptation, than there is in my little daycare all week long, with no "outside food" but I did well. I ate what everyone else ate....just less of it....and didn't binge on junk in between! I'm pretty proud of myself, and that's a good feeling! One I haven't had in a really long time! Feels good!

Now if only I could get my kid to sleep at night......I would be "super mom" lol. Happy Monday friends!

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  1. Ok, so here's another long-winded comment, sorry!...

    So I can't relate to the eczema thing and I know that puts you guys in a different circumstance but I'll share my experience with the whole sleeping thing because it was a struggle for us too... maybe by sharing it can help you a bit.

    I had my son and we held him/rocked him to sleep every.single.night. until he was almost three years old. Rocked him, he'd fall asleep, we'd transfer him to his crib/bed, rub his back and hold our breaths in hopes that he wouldn't wake up! Most times he did until we had to repeat the whole process over again. I loved the time with him but that shit got exhausting every night for a long time. Our pediatrician recommended a book and I'm not much of a big reader so I pretty much blew it off and continued on with our ways.

    Fast forward to getting pregnant with my daughter and I knew that I just couldn't go through this whole sleeping thing with her too. Having two kids, I just knew that I couldn't juggle two kids who were tough to put to bed. I told my Pediatrician that I just couldn't go the same route that we had gone with my son and he said "Erin, I've been telling you to get this book, you need to get it, read it, and do it." So I did.

    The book is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth and it changed our world. Obviously we all want more uninterrupted sleep, but this book goes beyond that and teaches you how important it is for young kids to get deep, restful sleep and how it contributes to their health and overall happiness... if sleeping is a struggle, they're not getting the valuable deep sleep they need and it goes into developing good habits, etc. I'm not expert by any means but this book helped SO much! By the time my daughter was two months old she was going to bed on her own at 7pm and sleeping until 7am. She didn't want to cuddle, she wanted to be spread out in her crib and left alone.

    Sorry for such a lengthy response but I know how much that book helped me so whenever anyone mentions kids and their sleeping habits, I recommend it. And yes, there were a few days that we had to let her 'cry it out' and that was HARD! She was so young and it broke my heart but during one crying fit I called my Pediatrician crying myself and he was like 'Erin, it's like baby boot camp, I promise you're doing the best thing for her'... so I let her cry... and the next day she cried less, and the day after that it was even less. 3 days of crying and that's all it took to retrain her.

    Good luck! This mothering stuff is tough sometimes! :)