Thursday, January 24, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Linkup

Today, I'm linking up to talk about some NSV's! "Non-scale Victories" Such a great idea! I'm frustrated with the scale, however I have changed my life a ton!


I've been on WW for the past 4 weeks, but this week I started using my fitness pal to count calroies as well. I've stayed under my daily calorie intake all week!

I've started drinking DIET Dr. Pepper. Pepsi and Wild Cherry Pepsi are my loves....but I got tired of giving up 5 pts or 150 calories for it! So I had heard Diet Dr. Pepper wasn't too bad....and it's not. So for now that fills the void of wanting pop and 0pts/calories. Score.

I've done my treadmill religiously for the past 2 weeks.....every time with both of my kids in the room...excpet once! I'm still slow, but I'm moving! I actually look forward to it now. Weird. lol

I'm now consious of everything I put in my mouth!

I'm not eating when I'm bored

I've learned that "feel good food" in fact, does NOT make you feel good

Although I still feel scared and overwhelmed with the amount I want to lose.....I don't feel as defeated about never being able to do it.

I would rather feel/look good than eat crap that is gone in 10 minutes!

I still don't enjoy the's not my favorite place to be of course.....but I no longer avoid it. I have faced a harsh reality...and have been making changes in my life. That's something. Even if the scale isn't really moving at the pace I'd like. The weight has to start coming off, right?!?! Please say yes.

I'm realizing that while yes, my main job is to be a mom.....I  have to spend some time on myself...and find that person I used to be again.

I've learned that excuses get you nowhere, except fatter lol

I've noticed little changes in my body. Ex: my wedding rings are falling off!

My arms are getting less puffu/fat

I'm learning just how important exercise is, and how good it can make you feel

When I actually do start seeing changes in that scale....I'm sure that will give me even more motivation! BRING IT!


  1. I think NSV are just as awesome as scale ones are! Keep up the good work mama!

  2. I'm so glad you've joined up with KTJ and Myself for our NSV days! Keep going girl you got it!

  3. Great job ! I am MFP too and it is amazing. You should join the Fab n Fit group...they challenge, encourage you and are lots of fun ! See you there

    Sylvia (sylwheat)

  4. Great job! Switching to diet will definitely save you on points and calories! I loved, LOVED diet coke, but gave it up in December because it does have so much sodium in it. Baby steps :) it is also awesome that you are seeing body changes! Just don't lose those wedding rings!

  5. These are great NSVs and I think they are more important than the number on the scale. I am missing my Coca Cola like cracy - I'm thinking I might let myself have a diet drink every 3 days or something.

  6. Great NSV's I am hopping over from the link up. I too have started to use MFP to be more accountable