Monday, January 21, 2013

#OOTD funnies

So my friend Kristen and I both follow all these blogs....where everyone posts OOTD pics. Outfit of the day for those of you who don't know, lol. So yesterday as a joke, I sent her a pic of my OOTD and listed where I bought everything....just like all the others do. She sent one back. This morning, I did another one....she sent one back. Now it's kind of  creepy a joke to us.....mainly because we're the only ones looking at them, and I work in my basement, so my outfits are less than impressive! But the last 2 days I've gotten a kick out of it! You know I'm just jealous that I'm not a "big blogger" that has tons of people checking my instagram all day to see my OOTD! Hey, a girl can dream.

Anywho...this was my sweet #OOTD pic I sent to Kristen

Now if you are someone who posts pics like this everyday...I'm not "hatin" on you at all! I'm one of those people who looks for these pics everyday. It was just a joke with us....because well....look at my outfit, lol. I dream of a big blog with thousands of followers waiting to see my every move on fb and instagram....but...since I don't have a seperate instagram or fb for my blog...that's not gonna happen!

Moving on....
Last week, I wanted pop like woah! I had a couple....and felt awful every time I did. I just feel blah after. So again my friend Kristen told me to try this....
It's actually not too bad! I'll drink it till the 12 pack is gone at least! lol. Since today is MLK day....the kids are outta I have a ton of school agers I normally don't have! You think caring for little kids is Caring for five 7 year olds is quite an ordeal! These kids have ran me ragged! I prefer the little ones, lol. Happy Monday Kids!

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  1. I need some ootd pics in my life! Happy MLK jr Day! Ha. :)