Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Makeup Hoarder

I am a makeup lover to say the least! I have enough for my own cosmetics store....seriously. Most of it is OLD too. So I guess that would make me a "Makeup Hoarder"  I don't buy expensive makeup. All my stuff comes from walmart. Mainly because, I never know if I'm going to like it.  Recently, I learned that makeup expires! Was I the only one who didn't know this?!?! So this weekend, it's time to do a major clean out. I have makeup from 10 years ago or more! We're talking Mary Kate and Ashley eye shadows, and lip glosses! Don't judge!

I have finally found a mascara that I love.....Loreal Beauty I guess that means I can throw the other 15 tubes that I have away? (No Joke, I have at least 15 others right at this moment) and some of them are probably more than 3 years old.
Seriously, go buy this stuff. It rocks, and I'm very picky about mascara! Wouldn't it be cool if I got paid to say that by Loreal? LoL. A girl can dream. 

I have yet to find a foundation that I can't live without. I used to use cover girl but I feel like it makes me look like a hooker, I can't find the right I went to loreal, I bought too light and it washes me out. This stuff isn't cheap people! and you can't return it, so I have a ton that I just can't use. So I bought the cheapest NYC stuff I could find....$2.99! So that has to be good for your face right?  lol But I actually like the color. I do notice that it feels really heavy on my face after using Loreal for a while. I've recently started using a primer too. Not everyday but when we actually go places on the weekend, and I don't wanna look all "yeah I work in the basement all week-ish"

What I'm trying to get at here is....what kind of foundation do you use? I want something I can get at the drug store....I'm not all about having to order things, or go to the makeup counter at the mall for. That just doesn't work in my life. Is there a way to test colors, that I don't know about? I'm sick of wasting money on foundation that I get home to find it's too light or too dark. (most of the time too light)

I love lipstick as well. I think lipstick finishes the look! But, again I buy cheap lipstick. The stuff that comes off in 20 mins. Hate that. What lipstick do you buy? Does it last? I have tried that 24 hour stuff....I had one that worked well, but it was a little dark....and that stuff definitely stayed on 24 hours! if you messed up putting it on....better like looking like a clown for the next 24 hours because that stuff was NOT. COMING. OFF. I've played around with a few....but what is the best drug store brand to go with that will last? 

I am thinking about trying ipsy after seeing what Meredith posted the other day. That may give me a way to branch out with more expensive products that I normally wouldn't buy...and see the difference. But what if I actually like them?!?! TROUBLE.

What's your favorite foundation, and lipstick? Help!
I couldn't resist.....
Happy Hump Day!


  1. I love that mascara too! I wasn't sold on it at first but after using it for a while, it really does work better than most. I have other mascaras too but I stick with this most of the time. And YES girl, throw that old stuff out... that's a breeding ground for bacteria! I can never find a drugstore foundation that I like either so let me know if you find one. Currently I use Clinique but it's almost gone, not sure what I'll go to next. I've used MAC and hate it... way too cakey looking. I'm not a big lipstick person but if you want something long-lasting, MAC has lip stains that are awesome. I know they're not in the drug store budget but totally worth it $20-ish) if you find a color you love... the color stains your lips and lasts all day!

  2. I'm a total lipstick girl too. Why even put on makeup if you don't have hot lips???

  3. I use the Revlon photo finish shit... Love it. But get it at Walmart considering it's the cheapest place to get it... I love make up. I have a shit ton and I am like you a lot of it's old, and prob should be thrown away, but I just cannot make myself do it... I just can't... I just don't like spending a bagillion dollars on like one item... ewwww

  4. I don't use liquid foundation anymore... I use tinted moisturizer and then powder foundation. You should go to Sephora or Ulta sometime bc they will let you try anything on!!! That's where I decided on some different makeup before I thought I might waste it.

  5. Revlon colorstay is AMAZING. No joke AMAZING.

  6. If you are getting your makeup at Walmart you can return things that dont work for you.

  7. If you are getting your makeup at Walmart you can return things that dont work for you.