Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's an Ecard Kinda Day!

I worked out again last night! 2 nights in a row with both kids, ALONE! Good news is, I got it done...bad news is....Cole trashed the room in the process! My treadmill is in our 4th bedroom...that serves as ANOTHER toy room, treadmill room, spare bedroom, and my wrapping paper, craft, everything I don't have room for anywhere else, room. So while on the treadmill Cole decided to unroll a roll of wrapping paper, put matchbox cars on the treadmill behind me and watch them fly off, destroy the train track on his train table, and throw it all on the floor! Really??? He was a hot mess All. Day. Long. yesterday. Not sure what that was about, but I didn't like it! But I still look forward to running, just so I can rock out!

I'm almost at my 3 week mark for Weight Watchers, and I've lost 8 pounds. I think that's good, but I want MORE! Damn all this weight I put on!What the heck was I doing when I started gaining all this? How did I not stop myself? I must have checked out for the past 2 years! Now I'm paying for it fo sho! Tonight we are eating dinner with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and nephews. My SIL works at a bakery and every year makes us an insane amount of delicious cookies. Well tonight is cookie night...and I'm already thinking about those darn things! UGH! I may have to have my hubs hide them, like he's doing his reeses! Which I'm found twice already btw....by accident! He called me, and I quote "A freaking bloodhound" nice huh? But I wasn't looking for them....he hid them in his tool bench and I was looking for a screwdriver! lol. But I didn't eat any...good job me! 

I'm in an ecard kinda mood today, so I apologize up front. There are just some that were taking the words right out of my mouth this morning!

On a random note....do you have those friends on fb that you are strictly friends with for entertainment? Everything they post drives you freaking nuts, yet you won't hide them, or de-friend them...because well you get a kick out of them? I know that's not the way to be....but I have about 4 of those friends lol. I just can't delete them, because I will be left wondering what's going on with them each day! I may have a problem! :) 2 of these fb friends are family...so that makes it ok that I just said this, right?

Tonight will be filled with restaurant food and cookies! I am gonna hold strong, and make healthy choices....keeping my eye on fitting my fat self into a bathing suit in june! Yikes!!


  1. YES to entertainment friends. I love a good train wreck/drama on my fb feed!

  2. 2 nights in a row is awesome! Great job :)

  3. I totally do the 30DS w/ the kids all around too. Sometimes it's tricky to do the abs part when a 1 year old is crawling all over me!