Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Updates

Drew had another appointment with the allergist today. It was pretty uneventful. I was hoping for all kinds of new foods he could have, lot's of  good news....instead it was just blah. There was no bad news....just basically things staying the same. I started giving him foods with wheat flour in them last week. For those who don't know Drew cannot have wheat, egg, milk, soy, or beef until he's 1, as a precaution. He is allowed to have milk as long as it's halfway down on the ingredient list. That has stayed the same....and they said since I've already been giving him some wheat flour, to continue with that. But as far as eggs, no go. He goes back 3 days before he turns 1. His bday is March 17, so we don't have too much longer. But, my boy is hungry!! :) So no great news, but no bad news. I'll take it.

From the title of my blog, I'm sure you've figured out that my hubs is a Firefighter. He's gone a lot. Last night he had training so he's gone till about 10 pm. Just me and my boys hanging out.....and today he's on his shift (24 hours) so just me and my babes again! Last night they were cracking me up in the tub! When Cole isn't slamming Drew down, and flipping him over like an ultimate fighter, they're cute! :)
Our house is more than a circus at night. It was one thing when Drew was just waking up. But, now Cole is waking up EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT and comes in our room between 3 and 4 am. Homie don't play that. I do not want him in our room. I know that may sound harsh, but I just don't want that starting. He slept with us until he was 10 months old and transitioned fine....and I thought whew, I'm lucky! Because I thought he would not do well with that....so I don't want to start now ya know? So now not only am I STILL getting up 3 million and four times a night with my 10 MONTH OLD, but now my almost 4 YEAR OLD as well. EFFFFF!!!!! What the heck did I do to deserve this? lol. I've even started letting Drew "cry it out" at night, because I'm just so over it....but of course after a half hour of him on and off crying, I finally give in....because I'm not getting to sleep listening to him cry anyway!

More Randomness:
Today when I got home from Drew's appointment....I laid my keys on top of the diaper bag in the front seat...got out and got Drew out of the back seat. Closed his door and walked around the Tahoe to get the bag AND the keys. As I'm walking around....the horn beeps....you know what that means? THE DOORS ARE LOCKED! we only have one set of keys because the dealership we bought it at, was a PITA......anyway...my hubs is at work for 24 hours, and now my keys are locked in the tahoe in our garage, along with the diaper bag, and my purse...and most importantly an unsweet tea from McDonalds that I had just gotten! AHHH.

On the Weight Loss Stuff:
I am getting nowhere! I eat a ton better, I do my treadmill 3 or more times a week...but still super slow....and yet I'm still just playing around with these 3 pounds. up and down between these 3 pounds....not really going anywhere, or seeing results, and that is super frustrating! I can't hit a plateau this soon....I've only lost roughly 8-10 pounds and thursday will be my 4 week mark. I'm getting ticked off!!!! I'm on WW but recently just started using my fitness pal again, counting calories also. I thought maybe just counting calories would speed things up, we'll see. 

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