Thursday, January 3, 2013

A-Z Stuff

I thought I would copy off of some of you ladies, and do the all about me thing. I feel like this is myspace! Remember those little questionnaire things?I loved those.  Cute story about one of them. My hubs (wasn't my hubs then) added a question at the bottom that said "Describe your perfect engagement ring" I didn't know he added it...thought it was just part of it. Found out AFTER we got engaged that he added it because he was ring shopping. Cute huh? and pretty clever on his part!

A. Age: 29..yikes!

B. Bed Size: King. which I most of the time get all to myself!

C. Chore you hate: Putting laundry away! Totally don't mind doing it, HATE putting it away!

D. Dog: None! Not a dog person at all

E. Essential start to my day: Those 15 mins I get on my computer alone, before the kids start arriving!

F. Favorite Color: Purple

G. Gold or Silver- Hmmm loaded question! My wedding rings are gold, and the majority of my other stuff is gold....but sometimes I change it up and wear all silver! (Except for the wedding rings of course)

H. Height: 5'3....wish I had a few more inches to work with!

I. Instrument you play: Played the clarinet in elementary school, and junior high....and the piano a little in elementary school

J. Job Title: Mommy, Wife, Maid, Cook (sometimes) and also daycare provider (daycare in my basement)

K. Kids: 2 boys. Cole 3 1/2  Drew 9 1/2 months

L: Kent, Ohio brrr it's 9 degrees today!

M. Married: Married since May 2008

N. Nicknames: Krissy...yuck!

O. Overnights in the hospital: 3 times......2 c sections, and had the flu at 37 wks pregnant with drew...became severely dehydrated and they admitted me! booo

P. Pet Peeve: Grammar, and spelling errors! Using the wrong form of common words! I'm a dork, but it bugs me lol

Q: Quote: No one can make you feel inferior but yourself- Eleanor Roosevelt

R. Righty or Lefty: Lefty!

S. Siblings: None! Just little ole me

T: Time you wake up: For good? or the 3000 times I'm up in the middle of the night with my darn children? for good 6 am

U. University Attended: Kent State University

V. Vegetable I hate: Most, lol. I like corn and green beans that's about it!

W. What makes you run late: Kids! I'm very anal about time. I'm usually very early everywhere I go!

X. X-rays I've had: Mouth, Back....that's it

Y: Yummy food: CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Z: Zoo animal I love: Monkeys!


  1. I totally would have said Liptak for nicknames lol and YEA for lefties!!! :)

  2. I just have to say I agree about hating putting laundry away. I'm embarrassed to say it piles up too much sometimes.

  3. Girlfriend! I live in Louisville! We are about 40 min away from each other!!