Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SO WHAT-Wednesday

I'm doing "So What Wednesday" .....why? because Holly is and I have to do everything she does! lol.

So what, if I would rather eat the cookies my SIL made us, than to eat a real breakfast!

So what, if I've been weighing myself too much...and want to jump off a cliff every time I see something I don't like on that scale! PS you cannot weigh yourself every 2 will drive you freaking crazy!

So what, if my son goes from a Batman costume, to Robin, and then Superman all within 10 minutes!

So what, that I put on the same shirt this morning that I wore to dinner with my hubs family last night!

So what, if my pace on the treadmill this week has been very close to actually standing still  :/

So what, if I look at everyone elses blog each day, and think "I really need to sponser some of my faves" but never get around to actually doing it!

So what, if I already can't wait till friday!

So what, if I feel the need to post a pic of every song I'm listening to during my workout!

So what, if my bedroom is currently the messiest room in my house!

So what, if I'm embarased for my mom to go upstairs in my house because she'll see my room! Yes, I'm 29 and afraid of my Mom.

Which brings me to my next so what! So what, if I'm 29 and afraid of my Mom!

So what, if my 10 month old ( tomorrow!) spits out baby food, because he wants some real FOOD! Poor kid! (not allowed to have lots of stuff till he's 1, due to possible allergies)

So what, if my to do list is consuming my every thought these days!

So what, that even though this isn't my first heart melts each time Drew says "Mama" it's new, and I love it! :)

So What Wednesday

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  1. My bedroom is a mess too! I swear it's worse than a 15 year olds! My mom came down last week because my kids were sick so she stayed at my house with them while I went to work and she totally cleaned my room... oops! It was nice to have it done though :)