Sunday, April 14, 2013

My First Trip to Ulta

The highlight of my weekend was that I FINALLY went to the new Ulta store that opened about 15 minutes away from my house! This could be dangerous!!!!! I did good, this time though. I went with a specific purpose, and I left with what I set out for. Good job me for not buying the WHOLE STORE.

I went to Ulta looking for foundation. I've had it with drugstore foundation. I've tried Cover Girl, Loreal, Revlon, Nutragena, and even NYC (because it was cheap, and I was sick of spending money)nothing lasts. 5 hours later it looks like I didn't even put makeup on. I even tried two types of Loreal. I tried the mousse first. I liked it for the first 2 days, then the third day I started noticing bumps on my face. I thought it was odd, because I usually have pretty good skin. I don't normally break out. So what do you do when you are questioning something? Google it! I found a bunch of reviews of women reporting the same thing....bumps on their face after about 2 days. Well, I was done with that. Then I saw that Mama L was using Loreal True Match. I thought "wow if Mama L is using it, it has to be good right?" WRONG. Either I didn't have the right color, or I just can't use loreal foundation. I didn't have bumps....but that stuff would not blend on my face. I had streaks everywhere, that I couldn't correct.

So after doing my homework on the Ulta website, I found out that the Ulta brand foundation is the same price as drugstore foundation, and 1. They have testers for the right color, and 2. you can return it! SOLD. Off I went to Ulta with both kids in tow. Taking a 4 year old boy, and a 1 year old boy into a cosmetics wonderland was a little scary. I bribed Cole with a DQ blizzard after, if he promised not to touch anything in the store. We were in an out in about 15 minutes. Mission successful. I cannot wait to go back alone though! I have a whole list of other things I want now!

$12.50! So far, I'm loving it. I can already see that this new Ulta love may be a problem! Can't wait to go back!

Since it's Monday, that means Dallas is on tonight! My obsession. Right up there with Duck Dynasty. I put my kids to bed 20 minutes early on Mondays so that I can get ready to watch Dallas! I'm not ashamed, lol. I look forward every week to that little piece of "me time" Just me, the tv, and John Ross. If only the TV didn't stand between my John Ross, and I  :) I have a few friends that I facebook with during the show.....It takes me back to my highschool, and early college days when my friends and I used to talk on the phone, and Instant message through Gilmore Girls, and One Tree Hill! haha. those were the days!

See you tonight....yum!

I'll be getting my school pics together tonight for the linkup tomorrow! Holla!


  1. I'm glad that you loved Ulta! I'm still searching for a foundation that I love and just never seem to have any luck. Let me know what you think of the Ulta. Enjoy your "me" time tonight... I love that you have that time that you look forward to each week... we all need that!

  2. The thing is, EVERYONE's skin is different. I hate True match. It's so gross on my skin... slides right off.

    Revlon Color Stay has been my lifesaver!

  3. Oh I am so glad the closest one to me is 45 minutes away!!! That's probably the one by you. :)

  4. I bought the True Match too and didn't like it! Now I am going to have to find an Ulta!