Thursday, November 29, 2012

Celebrity Sightings Linkup


I'm really digging at the bottom of the barrel for this one! AND even better, I have no proof! But, here goes nothing.... At a Kenny Chesney concert about 9 years ago....after the show my friends and I met a guy named Nick...he was about the same age as us and played the violin aka the fiddle (to us country folk)  in Kenny Chesney's band. He liked us, and we liked we actually hung out with him for a while! He was close to our age....we were 19-20. That summer we saw Kenny Chesney, 2 more times! lol. And yes....we found Nick each time! Did I mention he was pretty easy on the eyes as well?!? I'm sure you already picked up on that!

What's making this little story even better is that this is really not a celebrity! LoL. It's not like I was hanging out with Kenny Chesney. But hey, I'm trying here.

I met Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover....and back in the day, Trading Spaces. It was short and sweet, just a little autograph session, and an intro. Nothing special, but he was cool. It was at a Home and Garden Expo. Pretty exciting stuff!! I actually do have a picture of this one.......somewhere : /

With me being from Ohio, we're NASCAR fans.....Well I was a bigger fan about 10 years ago, than I am now. But, I got Jeff Gordon's autograph who was then the love of my life. It was at a race in Bristol Tennessee. Do autographs count, as meeting? Well That's all I have to go with!

I would really love to have these awesome celeb stories...but I got nothin. And with celeb sightings this know I'm not making this stuff up! LoL.


  1. I saw your comment on Holly's blog where you said you were really conservative and knew I had to start following you! Ha!

  2. I just about died when I saw Kenny Chesney and Nick at the beginning of your post! I've met Kenny a couple of times and Nick too... and you're right, he is easy on the eyes! He still played for Kenny up until last year because he left to start his own country group called The Farm... no joke, so he IS totally working on the celebrity thing! Check them out... they're still fairly new but they're getting popular!

    Thanks for linking up... what a small friggin' world!

  3. I love meeting random backstage guys at concerts... a few blinks... a few laughs and BAM! You're backstage.

    And Ty totally counts! :)