Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

I changed my blog all around, and added a background, new fonts, etc....and OF COURSE, the darn thing isn't showing up right! I thought it may just be my computer, so I tried the hubs.....yep, still NOT working! When I check it, the stuff I changed is all there....just not showing up! Grrr. So bare with me as we have a giant page of white, which I can't stand!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! We will be traveling of course.....thurs-sun! This should be interesting. I'm soooo ready for a break. I need it.

I've been trying to keep up with my thankful posts on facebook, but I've missed a few. So basically here's what it boils down to:

I'm thankful for my beautiful boys, my hubs, my parents, my family, my daycare kiddos, and all the blessings we have in our life! We are very fortunate, and I try not to let myself forget that!

Last night Cole, and I made turkeys out of oreos to take to our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow! The icing is pretty sloppy, but if anyone asks, I'll just blame Cole! haha
We will be leaving on our little adventure tomorrow morning, so tonight will be spent packing so that I don't have so much to do tomorrow! I will stress, the hubs will piss me off, the kids will be going crazy, and that makes for an unhappy trip! lol. So I'm trying to prevent that! Let's hope I'm successful at getting A LOT done tonight!!
                                                                     Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I'm loving your new layout and colors. I just showed Chris that you put his button your page and he is soo HAPPY. Those cookies look so cute, Mom of the Year!

    Thanks for linking up.. and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Love the new look dear!! i need to come over and bring my laptop so we can have a blog class lol